Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday Thoughts (And Asides)

I've just come back from sitting in the sun for half an hour, eating my caesar salad, and it was so glorious and warm and Summer-like that I had to drag myself back inside. So not fair!

(Oh, and to all you commentors from my previous post, I kept my legs covered of course. I kid with you from a place of love people.)

Hey you know what's fun?! Moving from a weekly to a fortnightly pay cycle, that's what's fun! Because I love a challenge that is. A challenge like, oh let's say stretching a single week's pay over a fortnight! A fortnight that includes my birthday and my sister's birthday. I normally buy myself a gift each year, so it looks like my sister's missing out this time around. I kid! She'll get a card, or something.

(BTW - Send pot noodles and leftovers around a week from now.)

If I look to my immediate right at the desk I'm sitting at today, not my usual one because I'm helping out in another department, there are 3 pairs on novelty Christmas earrings pinned to the pin-up board.

(I guess the adjective 'novelty' is a little reduntant when it comes to describing Christmas earrings, right?)

Well. Oh, tonight I'm excited because "So You Think You Can Dance" starts on tv! And newsflash! there is an Aussie version in production.

(You don't see that as exciting? OK, whatevs.)

Hey APEC leaders, I'm not so hot with the idea of you guys taking over our city and wandering the streets with guns (as apparently some of you want to do) but thanks for the Public Holiday next Friday! Shame we won't be able to actually go anywhere or do anything on account of the chain fences, water cannon, attack dogs and goons with guns. I guess it's the thought that counts, right?

(Tell that to my sister.)


thombeau said...

Hey, Torchwood is ALL OVER the new issue of TV Guide here in the US. It starts on the 8th, I wish I could see it. But at least this means it's that much closer to being on dvd here!

And no, I generally do not read TV Guide, it's my parents' subscription. I barely even watch television, though I do make my exceptions!

BTW, I sent you some links, check your email.

And enjoy the day!

The Other Andrew said...

Thombeau, the verchacte execs at the station showing Torchwood here moved it to midnight. Midnight! I'm going to have to get the DVDs myself. :(

I'll check my email when I get home tonight! (After "So You Think You Can Dance", natch...)

thombeau said...

Believe it or not, last summer I was totally into SYTYCD. So many cute guys! And girls! Terrific dancing! But this year I didn't watch it at all. Of course, this year I have Fabulon to keep me busy...

Mikey (TLE) said...

Well, you will have dinner provided for you next Wednesday by yours truly. As an apres birthday present (plus the alpaca wool I bought in Berrima with you in mind).

Alas "Oscillate Wildly" is booked until late... wait for it... November already! So we are on a wait list for Wednesday night. my guess is think about an alternative restaurant you might like to try...

Lara said...

Happy Birthday!

Why not come visiting Alpacas with the Courthouse crew on APEC weekend? Email me for details :)

Jodie Sorrell said...

Ohh Lara...where are you visiting Alpacas?

Cecilia said...

Happy birthday! When is/was the big day?

Michael said...

You've given me a hearty laugh at this early hour on Thursday, as the words in my head were IDENTICAL to your aside RE: Christmas earrings.

The Other Andrew said...

Lara, alpacas you say? Curious. I've sent you an email.

Cecilia, my birthday isn't until next Tuesday, the 4th.

Michael, you know I love it when I make you laugh, pumpkin. Makes me all 'thing'. :)