Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Pyrmont Growers' Market

[Sorry for my absence yesterday. I was away from the computron all day, so I'll be doing some catching up today with entries about my weekend. Lots of pics!]

Last Saturday was the first Saturday of a new month, so it was time for the monthly growers' market down at Pyrmont. My friend Judy and her son John have been regulars at the markets for years, and last month popped my cherry with the whole growers' market experience. I was interested to check it out after reading the 'local foods' movement book "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" back in June.

The setting for the markets is fantastic, right by the harbour's edge at Pyrmont. (For my overseas readers, that's Sydney Harbour but around the other side of the Harbour Bridge from the Sydney Opera House. Capito?) We make a very early start of it, so the sun has just risen when we get there. It's a lovely thing to do on a crisp early Saturday morning. (Almost as lovely as a sleep in - I kid! Such a kidder!) The markets are very popular, and so the value in getting there early means you don't have to fight to get to the stalls, and you have the pick of the offerings. Plus it's a nice atmosphere. The growers have just set up, and are gearing up for the day, are available and willing to chat, and there's a certain comraderie and bonhomie in the air. Along with the smell of coffee and a thousand different foods.

Dawn Seagull Pyrmont Growers' Market
Dawn seagull with bollard (left). Judy, random shopper & John (right).
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Pyrmont Growers' Market Orchids In The Early Morning Light
Seating at the markets (left). Beautiful orchids for sale (right).
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There are plenty of good fruit and vegetables on offer, but the markets really tend more towards the gourmet end of things with lots of poultry and game, preserves, cheeses, coffee, breads and cakes. Oh gawd, I'm salivating just thinking about it. Once we've done the rounds, had coffees and bought good pastries, it's back to Judy's house for breakfast. ...and laying around, and even some knitting.



thombeau said...

Andrew, when you're not here I get all anxious and nervous and finally, despondent....

That said, I love the picture of the flowers!

The Other Andrew said...

...but NO PRESSURE, right? :)

Kidding! That's sweet. Nice orchids aren't they?! So pretty.

Cecilia said...

I have wanted to go since I moved here, but have never been able to commit to the early hour! Looks lovely though.

The Other Andrew said...

Cecilia, DO IT. Seriously. It's fab, plus you get to see the most amazing cross section of people and their doggies. It's fun!

Can you tell I'm a morning person?

Mikey (TLE) said...

If I'm not crowding, I'd love to come along next time. I've not been for aaaaages and it is a lot of fun. Certainly appeals to my inner (and outer) foodie.

John certainly is handsome.

The Other Andrew said...

Sure! We get there about 7am, or even earlier...

Still coming?

Cecilia said...

I am so not a morning person... but you make it sound so great I might just have to do it once. Maybe when I'm jetlagged or something!