Thursday, August 02, 2007

Stream Of Consciousness: 2nd August Edition

Blech. I've been a bit slow moving this morning after a few three or four six, maybe somewhere less than sixteen beers with the boys last night. Tossing and turning with The Dry Horrors at about 3 am. You know those sort of nights? So far I've just about drunk my own body weight in water, and coffee.

Kids, alcohol is bad, m'kay?

It's my sister's birthday today, so everyone say Happy Birthday Fiona! 45 today. She's had some major health crises this past year, but now she's been all mended. The wonders of modern medicine. Happy birthday Fi!

I'm relocating offices for 4 weeks, to share a tiny office with the Loudest Person In The Building. (It's only short term, and I'll try and keep This Woman Is Driving Me Crazy type posts to a minimum for that period. I'm not entirely ruling out bloodshed however.) She's one of those people who doesn't try to solve her own work problems, just asks you to fix it for her. Generally with the logic that 'it'd be more time efficient if you just fixed it'. She ran to me with a computer problem the other day, and I told her I'd help her by showing her how to do it in a little while. She flounced off saying she'd read the manual instead, but an hour later she was back with the 'time efficient' logic string. You know what? I caved in. The task took me 3 seconds. Double clicking a text box, changing the text, and saving as a new template. For that she studied the instruction manual for an hour, and still couldn't do it.

It's gorgeous here today! Mild and sunny. Which means that the hot Greek guy in the take-away chicken shop I walk past each day has ditched the puffer jacket in favour of a tight white tee. I love warm weather!


thombeau said...

If you love warm weather, you'd love it here---it's in the upper 90s (fahrenheit, of course!)and oh so humid. All I could do was water the garden, then high-tail it for the great air-conditioned indoors.

Drinking---bleah! It used to be a way of life for moi, but these days something I rarely do, so the after-effects of over-indugence are finally but a distant memory. A glass of wine or maybe a pint of ale is about all I can handle. Now I use more hyphenated words!

thombeau said...

Oh, anyway, I hope you feel better! :)

Michael said...

It's a scorcher here, too. 92F with high humidity yesterday. I did the last part of my lunchtime shirtless. No one needs to see THAT, believe me, so I tried to finish on a discrete route.

Boo! for annoying (and persistently so) office workers. I long for the day when I'm free of the Phlegmbot.

Michael said...

OK. Lunchtime RUN. I did the last part of my lunchtime RUN shirtless. I did not have lunch shirtless. Well, I did actually, but that wasn't the point.

Christopher said...

Where's the pic of the hottie in the tight T-shirt? maybe you should go get some take away today....bring the camera!

The Other Andrew said...

Thom, Michael, I'd love 90s right now! We're back to wet weather here today, although at least it isn't cold. Cool, but not cold. It really feels like Spring is around the corner.

Michael, re the shirtless lunch/run/whatever. To quote Nathan Lane: "Where are the polaroids? What am I, A MIND READER?"

Christopher, I'll see what I can do. I might need to invest in a James Bond style spy camera...

Graeme said...

So you're a very slow drinker who got kicked out of the pub at 9.30pm and you still had all that suffering?

My god, how old are you man? I thought you were younger than me!

I got home, drank a full bottle of water, went to bed immediately and woke up fine.

You must have too many healthy chemicals interfering with your alcohol intake. You need some balance.