Thursday, August 16, 2007

Writer's Block

Oh my sweet Jeebus you guys. I've dried. Gone up, as we theatricals are won't to say. For the first time in about three years I cannot think of a thing to write. Weird.

So, ask me a question. Make a suggestion. Call me names. Correct my grammar. Anything just to give me something to sink my teeth into. I'm begging.


Yaniboy asked me what I'm reading. Like much of the world, I'm reading "Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows". It's taking me longer than normal because of my severely reduced morning commute time these days. I'm enjoying it, although I do think the book dragged and got aimless through the middle. Things are picking up now and it's getting interesting now that I'm about 100 pages from the end. I find all the HP books an enjoyable read, but I wouldn't call myself a huge fan. I think the movies are really well done though. (And the fact that Mr Radcliffe is turning into a handsome young man just helps really.)


File this under Things Most Excellent, Mikey (the lovely ex) shared the news that fresh from his success as Mrs Hedwig Robinson, iOTA is taking on my other favourite trannie. Yay! So far the production starring Daniel Arbineri has been my favourite live version, but I'm such a fan of iOTA's stage work that I'm really looking forward to seeing this.


Lara asked "Who would you cast as Brad?" in this new stage production of Rocky Horror. Hmmm, hard one. In keeping with the local cast it would have to be a local boy, and my knowledge of local musical theatre actor/singers is not that great. Ah, the only name that jumps to mind is Tim Draxl, but to be honest I think it would be a piece of misscasting on my behalf. He jumps to mind because he's a good actor, has a lovely singing voice and then there's always this:

Tim Draxl (left)

Well he has to look good in y-fronts, right?


arj expressed her theory that everyone here is either hibernating or migrating [given that it's late winter here], and asked which I would do and what it would be like. I choose migration. It would involve somewhere with temps around 30C, cocktails involving lots of crushed lime, several helpful and accomodating cabana/pool/roomservice delivery boys, massage oils and facials (of several kinds).


Jason joined the party late to say that he wants more Eric Balfour. Honey, WE ALL DO. (I'll keep looking.)


yaniboy said...

You're not on your own O Begging One... I tried to write an email to somebody and managed about three paragraphs (none of which actually said very much of anything) before I gave up... and I resorted to "my scrabble score" instead of an actual post yesterday.

Discovered any new good books lately?

Mikey (TLE) said...

Go and read the email I just sent you about iOTA and Paul Capsis starring in a new production of Rocky Horror. That should excite and inspire anyone.

The Other Andrew said...

Yani, I'm reading HP7... still. I only get 8 minutes of reading on the train these days, so it's slow going. I don't have a lot to say on it yet, except that the middle drags. I'm getting to the good bits now.

Mikey, I'm having trouble accessing my work email at the moment, but when that's fixed I'll check it out. Sounds like interesting news!

Mikey (TLE) said...

You can read about it on the SMH website. Tickets on sale on August 27. Production not to start until early next year, though.

thombeau said...

You think you've got problems, try putting together a blog everyday!

Oh, wait, you do.

Well, then. Carry on.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

arggghghghh I love Daniel Albineri's Frank'n'Furter (so to speak, ooh err missus). I just googled him and came up with almost SFA except for this -

but iOTA is going to burn up the stage with this role!

Lara said...

"The revival, opening early next year at the revamped Star Theatre, formerly Star City Showroom, was launched last night. Joining iOTA in the "hunting lodge for rich weirdos" are Paul Capsis as Riff Raff, Sharon Millerchip as Columbia, Michael Cormack as Eddie and Kellie Rode as Janet. The role of Brad is yet to be cast."


Who would you cast as Brad?

ARJ said...

My theory about this time of the year is that we're all meant to be either hibernating or migrating to where it's warm and drinks are served with little umbrellas in them.

Which would you do & what would it be like?

Sherri said...

Have you ever considered joining Good Books? ( I've been there about two months now and the conversations often manage to be about books!

jason said...

oo oo oo! (raises hand)
I have a question!

More Eric Balfour.

Ok, so it's not a question...but still.

Anonymous said...

May I suggest the cure for writers block in this instance would be to watch Swimming Upstream. My favourite is Jesse Spencer -although the bathers of that era leave alot to be desired; on the other hand can be considered kind of sexy as well ! Keep on knitting !

Tyson said...

I would like to know what recent movies you might recommend, and also how you prefer your popcorn.

I am going to experiment with cinnamon popcorn this week. Its so much more fun when you buy popping corn and pop it yourself.