Monday, July 09, 2007

To Market, To Market

..except I didn't go there to buy a fat pig.

Man I had a great weekend! Saturday morning I was up at the godless hour of 5.45am and out the door just around 6.45 to go to the monthly Growers' Market at Pyrmont. I hadn't been before but my friend Judy and her son John are regulars and had all the inside scoop. I was a little uncertain about getting there so early, I mean 6.45 on a weeked is just cruel, but it was a wise choice. We were able to walk around and look at all the produce and fantastic gourmet foods, but by 8am the place was packed. The emphasis was definately on the 'gourmet' end of the spectrum, but it was amazing to meet the producers, talk to them about their wares, taste new things and see what's on offer. It was a really friendly atmosphere, aside from talking to the stall holders I stopped a number of times and chatted to people about their dogs, or what they were buying.

Afterwards Judy and I headed off to have breakfast, before doing a small crawl of the yarn stores. Sadly one was closed for stocktaking (On a Saturday? Wouldn't it have been better to do it on a nice quiet day during the week guys?). I scored some new needles to take a stab at knitting some socks, and Judy scored all sorts of goodies. Having started so early it felt like we had a packed a whole day's worth of activity, but it was only like 11 o'clock.

After lunch at Judy's house we headed into Newtown for the fortnightly Sydney Sity Klickers knitting get together. This time we had a pair of international guests! James of Fibre Alive blog and his partner Ian.

Judy Judy, James & Kerry
Judy knitting 'sea silk' (left). Judy, James and Kerry (right).

Chenille Greens
Chenille yarn (left), and sea greens lace weight yarn (right).

Bex & The World's Largest Yarn Ball Kerry
Bex and the world's largest yarn ball (left). Kerry kitting socks (right).

After all that activity I was completely knackered, so spent a quiet Saturday night in. Sunday was cold and wet, so I hung around the house for the morning before heading off to the pub knitting get together in the early afternoon. Despite the weather we had a really good turn out, about a dozen hardy souls all in all. It rained, we knitted, I worked at untangling the major mess I managed to turn a perfectly good skein of sock weight yarn into, we had a few beers and chatted up a storm. A really nice way to spend a wintery afternoon.

So. It sounds like a big weekend of knitting, but really the focus was on the social. Both the Sydney Sity Klickers group and the pub knitting group are really fun and varied groups of people, with a heavy focus on the social and information sharing aspects of knitting together. It was one of those weekends where you look back on Sunday night and think, now that was fun.


Kenyo said...

You ARE a knotty boy. We knew that all along.

The Other Andrew said...

That's me! Tanglicious.

Ur-spo said...

studies would support that your knitting social habits will keep you healthy and live a long life; keep knitting!

The Other Andrew said...

Knitting is kind of meditative, so I wouldn't be surprised if it had health benefits. I'm sure it lowers blood pressure...

M-H said...

I'm still sure that one of us was following the other all weekend! :)

thombeau said...

YAY! Good for you!