Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Linky Dinks

Ay dios mio, I've spent all morning so far redesigning somebody else's craptastic form here at work. A form designed in Word, by somebody who doesn't really know how to use it. Like there are these things called Tabs you know? You don't actually need to try and line things up by hitting the spacebar a bazillion times.

That's actually not even germaine to this entry, but I feel better for having gotten that off my chest.

So, in keeping with yesterday's vintage theme, here are some cool blog links to do with vintage advertising, cool junk and old photos. The sort of stuff I adore.

Swapatorium: A Journey Through Junkland - flea market finds, oddities and ephemera.

Tikiranch - vintage advertising and advertising figures.

BigHappyFunHouse - found vintage photographs.

Sweetheartville - vintage collections, Americana and junk store finds.

If you have any similar links to share, hit me up in the comments!


thombeau said...

YAY! More cool stuff!

I'll send some links your way if I find any that are deemed worthy.

The Other Andrew said...

Oh, they'll be deemed worthy I'm sure!

Jodie Sorrell said...

Don't you 'just' love it when people who clearly know nothing (and surely after all these years of computers this would be chnaging) does something in Word, Excel and the like and buggers it up so badly you may as well just start again?

Paul said...

I just love BigHappyFunhouse! The comments for the pics are such a hoot!

The Other Andrew said...

Paul, I love the titles of the pics on BigHappyFunHouse. They add so much to the pics.

sweetheartville said...

Hello! Thanks for the link! Just wanted to say hi.

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks Sweetheartville, you're a sweetheart! Obviously! :)