Sunday, July 16, 2006


Last night Morgan and I, and around 30 of the Sydney Photobloggers, went to a retro bowling night to celebrate Elton's birthday. A while back the Sydney Photobloggers conspired to make Elton a star, so the least we could do was have an event in his honour - complete with groovy retro style t-shirts and a life-sized cardboard cut-out of Elton of course. Oh, and there were prizes. Mini books of photos of Elton, of course.

I Should Be So Lucky

Poetry In Motion

Devil On One Shoulder...

Like The Potatoes

It was a fantastic night. We all got to dress up and have fun. The yellow shirt I'm wearing is a vintage bowling shirt - which judging by the stitching on it was previously owned by someone called "Corky" who bowled for the Allegheny Creamery team. Therefore it was only natural that my name for the night was Corky St Clair. We finished the night with a late dinner at the pub next door, before heading home around midnight. More good times with the lovely Sydney Photobloggers crowd.


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

how COOL!

great theme, there's nothing like playing dress ups. and bowling is so much fun... how did ya score, Corky? ;)

(ps - whose shoes? they are bloody devine)

Michael Guy said...

TOO fun! I wish I could'a been there! Nice shirt...and name. How divine; "Corky St. Clair" makes me think of lap dancing though. Go figure.

DV said...

I want, nay, need those shoes.
mainly because they are so very very fabulous, but they also remind me of of big butch Brando singing Luck be a lady with his little clicky fingers,. best part of the movie.

The Other Andrew said...

The shoes (and toes) belong to the lovely Kate aka "The Department" (see my sidebar under Photoblogs for her blog). She purchased them in the fashion capital of Australia - Canberra*. Cool aren't they. They are much covetted by all, not since the Ruby Slippers has there been a pair of more covetted shoes...

I started first up, first frame, with a strike! Then it was downhill from there. But I got a few other strikes and some spares, not bad considering it was like 20 years since I last played.

* All non-Australians, this is very much a joke. Canberra is known for many things, tricksy twisty streets and tricksy twisty politicians are just two of them, fashion doesn't make the list.