Saturday, July 01, 2006

Hurry Summer

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You know how by half way into winter you start to crave the hot sun on your face? Lightweight, flat fronted trousers? Open toed shoes? Lazy picnic afternoons? Boys with their shirts off? Yeah gods, it seems like winter has been hanging around for ages. I'm all caps OVER IT I must say.

Thankfully hibiscus have the good grace to flower all through the winter here. Giving their tropical middle finger to the concept of winter. A litle punch of hot red in the face of a grey day. And yes, it also means that by much of the world's standards this time of year is incredibly mild mannered. Still, it's a question of what you're used to because summer in Sydney is heaven.

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Q - 60's girl said...

are we even half way through winter? i have no idea but thank goodness if we body is a temple and it will more than be ready for summer : )i cant wait to wear the light weight clothes either...

i saw the deepest blood red hibiscus the other day it was amazing...

and oh i am watching SFU it is incredible!! incredible i tell you... did we really have this on TV here? and i missed it??