Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Craving Blue Skies

The Two Towers
Originally uploaded by Other Andrew.

See that big blue sky there? That dome of unbroken blue, right behind and all around the gorgeous entrance towers to Luna Park?

I'm craving it. I need warm sun on my skin, some heat in my bones.
Yeah gods, I swear that Winter has never affected my like this before. I want it over. I want shorts. A pair of slides on my feet. Sun streaks in my hair (natural or otherwise).

Last night it rained torrents. Big heavy downpours that shredded the flowers and beat down the plants in my garden (but thankfully didn't down anymore trees into my courtyard). I lay in bed listening to it crash and roar, enjoying the drama of it but wishing it was the whir of a ceiling fan and the drone of cicadas instead. Bring on Summer.


Ur-spo said...

I wish I could send you ours, or at least a part of it.
Phoenix is daily sunny and 45 degrees.
Winter and cold sounds pretty good to me right now.

The Other Andrew said...

Grass is always greener, I guess huh? Somewhere in between would proably by ideal for both of us! :)

Q - 60's girl said...

"the whir of a ceiling fan and the drone of cicadas" that sounds yummy... and netting around a cosy plush bed where the French doors are partly open and lead you to lush green grass that meets the silky cool sand of the beach... ::sigh::

freakgirl said...

I always feel the same way in the dead of winter. Luckily my sister lives in Florida, so I can usually pop down there for a week or so to get my groove back.

Hang in there!

Bodhi said...

...but thankfully didn't down anymore trees into my courtyard

Thankfully? Well, I don't know about you TOA, but any excuse for our Whore-ticultural friend Rabbit to get all hot and sweaty is a good thing. But I know what you mean about blue skies and summer. After all, let us not forget all that sunshine makes the plants grow too ... and that might require more yardwork, huh?

Amusing story for blog readers: Whilst Rabbit was recently over to remove said fallen my shit is banana .. b-a-n-a-n-a tree from our courtyward, The Kid and I headed out back to watch him. Before he set to work, he needed to get out of his casual clothes and get into some work gear. He strippped on his shirt .... and ..... ummmm ..... ::shakes head:: ... sorry, you lost me there for a minute ... put on a work t-shirt, then preceded to replace his joggers with some workboots. At that very instant, both The Kid and I piped up with "are you sure you wanna get those pants dirty?".

He laughed. Said, "I expected that from you, but Kiddo, you have been hanging around your father way too long". I was, like, so proud.

DV said...

You see, I don't mind the chillsomness (it's a word!)but I'm so very very bored with the rain. What sort of 'ucked up part of Australia do we live in that it rains in winter when you're already cold. It should happen in summer to cool everything off. Yes, I grew in the tropics and I don't deal well with cold wet toes!

Jodie Sorrell said...

Sounds to me like you've got a touch of the SAD's (Seasonal Ambiance Disorder) very common in the UK, caused by lack of sunshine and hence vitamin D. I had never expected to encounter it in Aussie. I'm so sorry it's you TOA!

yaniboy said...

No, no, no, no, no... no summer... SPRING... you want SPRING... warm days, pleasant nights... NO HEATWAVES... :P

Michael said...

It's so freaking hot here right now that I've formed a cave of curtains and blinds and airconditioning and nakedness and I refuse to leave it until I run out of groceries (because I've already starved off the fat o' the land).

::dons cutest supplicating face::

The Other Andrew said...

Everyone, Michael donned his supplicating face because he like called me out on on his blog as having let my blog get boring! But before you all jump to my defence, it's OK because we still adore each other and there's a grain of truth in it. He'll need to make it up to me though... :)

Yani, spring and autumn are my favourite Sydney seasons. It's beautiful here then.

It doesn't help that I'm working in a freezing cold office in a draughty old building. The heating comes on and off and we boil and freeze accordingly.

Michael Guy said...

It's sooo HOT here I had to peel my cock off my thigh this morning. The AC went on immediately and will stay on till ice drips from the ceiling here.

Q - 60's girl said...

@ Michael G, i can imagine... but i don't want to ::rolls eyes:: bring on winter for the Americans!!

@ Bodhi, thats sweet both you and The Kid at the same time re. the 'dirty' pants of your whore-ticulturalist :)