Sunday, July 02, 2006

5 Ways To Cure A Sunday Morning Bad Mood:

  1. Clean bedroom* and wash almost every piece of clothing you own.
  2. Organise to have the neighbour's banana palm that broke off and landed in your backyard chopped up and taken away.
  3. Throw out all the dubious food in the refrigerator and clean that sucker to within an inch of its enamel with something strong and vanilla smelling.
  4. Crank up an extended remix of a favourite song, set to REPEAT, and dance in your bedroom, on your own.
  5. Most importantly, meditate on the suffering of others. I spell that P-E-R-S-P-E-C-T-I-V-E.

[* Big job. Make take several bad moods.]


Q - 60's girl said...

There was food in that enamel coldbox??!

It is good advice to meditate on the suffering of others P-E-R-S-P-E-C-T-I-V-E. And as it is written cultivating presence of mind, a commitment to awakening from illusion's dreams. The Dharma of your own internal realizationis where you find inner refuge - refuge in learning the truth, expressing that truth, integrating that truth into your own being. When you are authentically and totally yourself, you embody Dharma. [* Biggest job indeed :)]

*trying not to think about cleaning my bedroom :/*

Bodhi said...

Ahhh but Andrew, .sweetie darling sweetie, you forgot to mention the best thing about point deux... That's right people, our very own whore-ticultural favourite lapin would be the one doing the removing of said my shit is bananas ... b-a-n-a-n-a-s ... tree.

All that glistening and sweating and straining. Hmmmmm, and then we might get him to remove the tree ;-) Now remember what we decided last time we got in the gardener (I know, I know, its like sooooooo Desperate Housewives) we decided that for occupational health and safety reasons that he should do all future work sans shirt. After all, we don't want da poor Bunny to get all overheated. That could be downright dangerous. Were caring Buddhists like that ...

Ur-spo said...

frying up a lot of bacon is another efficacious treatment for bad morning mood.
It works well if you go right back to bed(with someone?)

Q - 60's girl said...

Bodhi i am soooo glad we are talking about a b-a-n-a-n-a tree and not just any piece of wood!!!

Did the rare-bit remove this for you all?

Michael Guy said...

OOOH! "Sing It Back" gives my fanny that Naomi Campbell runway strut. How big is your bedroom? Work the runway, sweetie.

I find binge shopping a good remedy for a bad mood. Then the bills come in and that sorta creates another 'bad mood.' It's a vicious cycle.

Refrigerator? That's in a kitchen, right? Standing in my truth, bitch.

Bodhi said...

Q-60's - the "rare-bit" (hmmmm, and I know which piece I want - lol) will indeed be removing the aforementioned b-a-n-a-n-a. Though probably not until the weekend after next one.

Seem's he is very much in demand these days. Such a popular little Bunny ...

PS. I think he was actually a little dissapointed when I told him it was only a banana tree. This is a boy who gets more excited over power tools than your average Bunning's shopping lesbian. Mind you, the Rabbit expertly handing wood might have been quite nice ...

The Other Andrew said...

Q 60's Girl, there was a mix of food and science experiments in the refridgerator. Oh, and something Undead, but fortunately it was small, so a bamboo skewer made a passable mini-stake.

Bodhi, you could always ask Rabbit to trim our bushes. He might like that.

MG, sadly my bedroom is small and not in the Palatial Grandeur style like your own, so dancing was more 'podium' than 'strut'. It worked. (Moloko are the bomb, btw. If you like them, try the solo album by the singer Roisin Murphy. Eggggcelent.) I might try that binge shopping concept of which you speak, sounds fun!

Ur-spo, bacon is one of the things is still get the cravings for every now and then, especially on cold mornings, but I'm a pescatarian these days (the only meat I eat is fish).

Bodhi said...

Uh huh, and that could also well mean that the Rabbit might need to go Over The Hedge.

"But I like the cookie...."


You soooo gotta see that movie.

Miss Wired said...

I love the feeling after my bedroom is cleaned.

Too rare an occurrence... :(