Thursday, June 12, 2008


Mmmmmm, new yarn. Isn't this gorgeous? Super fine merino wool yarn, in a 2 ply lace weight from Kaalund Yarns.

Kaalund Lace Weight

The colour? Poinsettia, of course. What else could these lush reds be?

Kaalund Lace Weight

At $13 a ball and 356m in length, this one little scrumptious yarn cake is enough to make a lace shawl. An entire shawl! Just the thought of it makes my mind boggle. I haven't knit lace before and I've been wanting to give it a try for a while. So this little baby is destined to become a gift for my sister. She's not a shawl kind of gal, but a long rectangular scarf with a nice unfussy lace pattern, one that shows off the subtle colour changes in this yarn, should be just the ticket for either her birthday in August or even Christmas maybe. Project!

Oh, speaking of which, I cast on last night and started knitting the Japanese rib zip front cardigan I mentioned here. Only instead of white, I'm doing it in black. I thought black would be hard to knit, but it actually hasn't been a problem at all. With a little extra lighting, courtesy of a lamp beside my sofa, it hasn't been a problem. So far so good!


Cecilia said...

Can't wait to see the cardigan!
And your photos make the yarn look so amazing.

jason said...

I have some Pomegranate juice somewhere nearly that color.

And that cardigan is pretty spiffy, I have to say.

The Other Andrew said...

Cecilia, thanks! I've got to tell you, doing that cardigan in 12 ply on 6mm needles = joy! It's growing so fast! The lace weight will be the other end of the spectrum I'm guessing. :)

Jason, Pomegranate would be a great name for this colour yarn! Poinsettia makes me think of naff Christmas displays. I've wanted to make this cardigan for ages, so I'm glad to have finally made a start on it!

Cecilia said...

6mm needles? I expect to see you wearing it this Saturday. :)

Kerry said...

You haven't wasted any time with yesterday's purchases ;-) ...I'm still admiring mine.

Peter said...

great color of the yarn, btw Pomegranate sound far better.

Do we get to see the cardigan when it's ready [with extra lightning?]