Wednesday, June 25, 2008

5 Things About Wednesday, Whatever The Date Is I haven't Checked: Unemployed Edition

  • I got up at my leisure, ambled a few blocks to the nearest cafe, had a nummy breakfast + coffee, and ambled back. Sweet.
  • Amazingly it's true, you can look at too much internet porn, like the entire Sean Cody archives for starters.
  • Oh yeah, the client canned the three week temp assignment I was supposed to have, but never fear I'm enjoying the week off and it looks like I have another one starting Monday.
  • I just fired off a job application, which I've spent a couple of days finely crafting. Trying to ooze professionalism, while showing a bit of personality, all the time stopping short of using emoticons and exclamations marks is hard!! :)
  • I think I'm going to go and buy a heater now. I've been holding off because I've become Scrooge McScroogerton about my dwindling financial resources, but this is a COLD house. Two pairs of socks aren't even cutting it.


Ur-spo said...

goodness gracious don't freeze!
no little match girls please.

quatrefoil said...

I can lend you a column heater for a while if that helps.

mrpeenee said...

Oh, how you'll miss all this free time and internet porn when you have a job.

K-A said...

It is nice to have a break and enjoy it too. I hope you are able to find warmth soon.

It's 34C degrees here today! ...sorry I couldn't help it. ;)

The Other Andrew said...

ur-spo, fortunately it doesn't drop to freezing around these parts, just cold enough to chill my tootsies.

Ms 'Foil, ah I bought one yesterday afternoon! Never mind, thanks for the kind offer!

Peener, word.

K-A, 34C! I'm not sure if I want to be you, or call you a bitch right now. Possibly both!