Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I want to a meet and greet last night with Damo (aka Damian Young) from Australian Country Spinners (yarn manufacturers and distributors here in Oz of brands like Patons, Cleckheaton etc) and a bunch of local knitters. What a fun night! We chatted, got a little bit of goss, knitted, ate yummy nibbles and basically just hung out with a fun group of like minded individuals.

Meet-up With Damo

Damo is normally based in Melbourne, but whenever he's in town to visit retailers and do business he organises these meet ups. I think it's great, not just because he's nice company to hang out with but it's good to see a company that engages with its customers. There is a lot of two way exchange that can happen if you are interested and active in the community that your customers have formed.

Meet-up With Damo

It works both ways, they get feedback and ideas from the community but then knowing that they are engaging and taking a genuine interest also makes us feel more positive about them as a company. Not just as a cynical marketing exercise, but really showing an interest like these guys do. As a fairly new knitter there are lots of brands I haven't yet tried, but I'll certainly be looking for Damo's brands in the future.


Cecilia said...

That looks fun! Sorry I couldn't go.

mrpeenee said...

Were they all jealous of your purple gloves? I know they were.