Monday, June 02, 2008

Autumn's End

As if we needed a primer for the seasons, a little How To lesson in seasonal change, we were treated to a beautiful mild and sunny Autumn day on Saturday and then a grey, wet Winter day on Sunday. Autumn's last gasp and Winter's first hurrah.

Autumn's End

I spent much of Saturday racing around like a mad thing. Into the city to get a few things and to pop into Medicare to get my refund from my trip to the specialist, only to discover the city Medicare office isn't open on Saturdays (cue sad face). Given that I was right there anyway I decided to console myself with a side trip into Tapestry Craft to check out the big Winter sale. I bought two thoroughly luscious balls of Debbie Bliss yarn (Cashmerino Aran, and OMG you feel this stuff! Yummers.) and a Knit Picks circular needle at 20% off.

Then I decided to get on the train to Burwood to see if the suburban Medicare office was open, which it thankfully it was. As I was cruising through the Burwood shopping centre with my Medicare refund burning a hole in my pocket, I spotted a novel on a sale table for $5 by an author I quite like. Score! The Shopping Goddess smiled upon me. I spent the rest of the afternoon doing stuff at home, before catching up with a friend for a bite to eat in the evening.

Autumn's End

As I mentioned already, Sunday was grey and wet but I headed out early to the Organic Markets to get some fruit and veg for the week, and to catch up with some friends that live locally, and my friend Spyder who was in town from Melbourne for the weekend. The markets were quiet on account of the wet weather, so I grabbed what I needed and then we all headed to Meaghan & Jamie's house around the corner from the markets for a late breakfast. We sat around the table chatting and catching up while the kids played, and other friends dropped by to join us. Breakfast dragged into lunch time, and then I headed home to go to knitting at the pub in the afternoon. After a lovely relaxed afternoon at the pub, I headed home to cook some dinner and chill out before the week ahead.

So a busy weekend, with a nice mix of lots of things done and time spent with friends. Just about perfect I'd say.


Tom said...

Today's weather isn't much better either... grrr...

3 more weeks left? Are you counting the days, or have you moved on to counting the hours yet! :)

The Other Andrew said...

Tom, I'm trying hard not to count them out loud, going "Fifteen Days! Ah! Ha! Ha!" like The Count from Sesame Street. Nobody like a gloater.

Cecilia said...

Those are really beautiful pictures. You should make cards out of them. I'd buy them! I had to go card shopping recently and these images are as gorgeous as any I saw.

Mel said...

Of course, here we're still moving through our late and prolonged northern spring - green and lush, not yet hot but with cool sea breezes in the afternoon. You're making me long for the autumnal chill already, though.

thombeau said...

Great pics, bro.