Saturday, June 28, 2008

Resting, Between Engagements.

I've been having such a nice little time this past week, my first week between employment engagements. I haven't done a lot, but I have slept and chilled out, and knitted, and even had a creative burst and sketched out a number of ideas for potential knitwear designs. It's been fun. Most importantly it's like I've been recharging the batteries, or resting the troops, whichever metaphor you fancy. I don't want to be without work for much longer, but in the meantime this like a nice little holiday and frankly it's aces.

Plans for the coming week are for a new/old computer to replace this poor old clapped out one I have at home. My old work was discarding a pc that was only a couple of years old, because it needs about $90 spent on it for a new hard drive. So they gave it to me after writing it off, and I'm going to get it fixed and upgraded for around $170. Not a lot of money, and it should tide me over until I can afford the Mac laptop I want.

There's a couple of other things like having lunch with Mikey (the lovely ex), going to the Powerhouse Museum to look at the textiles, and probably the NSW Art Gallery too, and maybe braving that trip to IKEA, that a bit of weekday leisure time will allow. Nice. Oh, and hopefully a job interview for the job I applied for the other day that I really want.

And if I'm really lucky, then maybe there'll be another Nate episode on Oprah, like there was yesterday. I know it's a small thing to wish for, but seriously I loves me some Nate Berkus.

So sweet, so pretty. Such a dab hand with a sequined throw pillow.


Lara said...

Nate is dead to me after that show. Did you see the books!??

He suggested that books make great decorations, and tell visitors a little something about you. THe fancy bookshelves in the room each had about three books per shelf - coffee table books about sailing and fashion.

He is cute, but can he read?

Charisse said...

PHWOAR! Nate is HOT. I love your blog, I'm always discovering new dreamboats as a result of reading it.

yani said...

Dammit, dammit, dammit... I meant to tape that episode... I loves me some Nate too...

But I'm with Lara about any designer using books as "decorative objects"... I mean please, bitch... I like to read them! (the books, not the designers)

Michael said...

I don't see the problem. I mean, if they're actually books you've read and enjoyed, why not have them around, especially if they're pretty? It's not like you can't move the Lalique vase and pick them up to read.

The Other Andrew said...

You know, I missed the bit about the books in that epsiode. (Too busy mentally making out a bridal registry maybe. Nate and I cordially invite you to buy us stuff.)

It was quite a touching episode. Nate and an Aussie clutter-buster dude, Peter Walsh, helped a family who had lost a son to leukemia nearly 6 years previously to finally dismantle the child's room and make it into an office. In the process they helped the family move on, while coming up with ways honour the memory of the lost child. Of course I cried a little, it's OPRAH.

Nate shared his own moving on story about his ex that was killed in the tsunami in Thailand. He kept Frenando's last voicemail message on his mobile phone, and would listen to it, not realising that after 12 months it would auto delete. One day it wasn't there anymore, and he realised he had to let it go. Sad huh?