Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Career Change Option

I don't know, suddenly I'm considering Show Business.

Let me entertain you!

[Via the fab Gay On The Range]


Michael Guy said...

Wonder why the gays are gray in SHOW BIZ SUCKER?

I mean, gawh, gray of all colors!?

freakgirl said...

"Author of 'Go Down, Aaron.'"

I will never stop giggling.

jason said...

"lavished his twisted talents"?
that's a tiny bit of poetry there.

Ray Ray said...

I think Show Biz Sucker would look really good on your resume...why not give it a shot?

The Other Andrew said...

You know, I just sent off a job application to a media organisation. That's SHOWBIZ right? Myabe I should have added that...? Oh well, too late now.

Anonymous said...

Love these images...keep em coming,,,please :D