Thursday, June 26, 2008


I'd forgotten just what a tired piece of crap my home computer is. Maybe forgotten isn't the right word, overlooked is better. I should hopefully have a replacement in the next week, but until then this poor old thing isn't coping (the computer, that is). It grinds to a complete halt when I try and access anything with flash interfaces, or anything too complicated. I recently even got some Running Out Of Disk Space messages.

If it thinks I'm freeing up space by deleting the carefully collected vintage porn artistic photos, it can think again.

Maybe it's time to hit the Apple store again...

I've watched about 7 and a half hours of The Royle Family in the past couple of days, after buying the DVD box set earlier in the week. CAN'T. STOP. I've always loved this show about a Manchester family, not least because everyone in it sounds like my parents used to! If Seinfeld prided itself on being a comedy "about nothing" then they should take a look at this show. The entire thing only moves between the living room and the kitchen of a small council house, with most of the comedy coming from banal conversation held sitting in front of the telly. Much like real life for many people.

I might brave Ikea later today, because really there is nothing better than avoiding the weekend crowds. I'm in the market for some more storage boxes, and those cunning Swedes know a thing or two about storage. And tealights. And curious names.


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

and meatballs with suspicious (but delicious) gravy!

M-H said...

The Royle Family is a favourite of mine too. I still feel weepy when I remember the Xmas ep when the Irish uncle sings "I will take you home Kathleen."

The Other Andrew said...

Ah yes! Great episode. The box set has all three seasons plus Christmas specials. Although apparently there was a reunion Christmas special in 2006, whic isn't on the set unfortunately.

One kick for me in the show is the accents, they sound like a lot of my relatives.