Monday, June 16, 2008

Worldwide Knitting In Public Day, 2008

Saturday was Worldwide Knitting In Public Day, and this year rather than braving the elements like last year, we gathered in the plush surrounds of the Bayside Lounge, at Darling Harbour. It was a fantastic afternoon, although I only got a chance to chat to a fraction of the 51 people that came along, and there were plenty of new people that I hadn't met before. Kerry, David Reidy, myself and Disco Knitter's husband Mark formed the male contingent, and without prior planning ended sitting together at 'the guy's table'.

I have met such nice people through getting involved in the knitting scene. Considering that knitting is in many ways a solitary craft, it's kind of amazing and fantastic to me that such a vibrant community has sprung up. Through blogs, knitting websites, local 'stich and bitch' groups and now people have connected for friendship and information sharing. Events like this are a cool example of how knitting is bringing people from all sorts of disparate backgrounds together. It's really wonderful.

Part of the assemble crowd, 51 of us in total!

Kerry's Sock
My friend Kerry's beautiful Turkish inspired sock.

Our hostess, Web-Goddess.

Veronica, an even more cozy eared version of Princess Leia.

Carolynn is wigging out! (I so covet this, but that is no surprise, right?)

Some more of the crowd.

Reecie! Looking very agreeable in her Ravelry t-shirt.

The lovely Michelle, looking cheeky.

Fellow Sunday afternoon pub knitter Roceal

A huge thanks to Web-Goddess for organising such a fun afternoon!


Kris said...

Just in case you didn't see it, the wig Carolynn was wearing is actually from Knitty! :)

thombeau said...

Ah, this might explain the numerous people I spotted knitting in public the other day. Or maybe not---this is Portland, after all!

(Needless to say, these knitters made me think of my special Australian friend...YOU!)