Monday, September 17, 2007

Nicky Epstein

(Is it just me or does Nicky's name make you want to have a Babs moment? "Nicky Epstein, Nicky Epstein!" Just me? Okely dokely then.)

One of the fringe benefits of being off sick on Friday was that I was able to make it into Tapestry Craft in the afternoon to meet knitting writer and designer extraordinaire Nicky Epstein and get a couple of her books signed. The event was organised by my buddy Kris, and was lots of fun. Nicky is very well known in knitting circles and it was kind of nice to discover that she was a warm, friendly person who was both generous with her time and quite modest about her success. In fact she and her husband Howard had no idea just how well known and highly regarded she is in this country!

Nicky demonstrated some techniques, passed around samples, chatted about her books, told some amusing anecdotes and spent quite a bit of time talking to everyone, signing their books and even dishing out little pressies. I bought a couple of books, one for myself and a gift for my friend Judy, and Nicky was so excited to see a genuine Male Knitter that she even gave me a bit of a cuddle. Nice! All in all a really fun afternoon, and even a glass of champagne to boot.

Kris has put up a page about the day on the Tapestry Craft website, and scroll down and you'll see a pic of me (in the purple polo shirt, chewing my bottom lip for some reason) with Nicky getting my books signed. Thanks for organising a fun event Kris!


thombeau said...

Yes, I totally had a Barbra moment when I read the title. Am I gay?

The Other Andrew said...

Oh honey, ARE YOU GAY? Um, possibly. :)

Mikey (TLE) said...

I'll put my hand up (ooh err) for having a Babs moment with Nicky Epstein. She sounds lovely, anyway. It is always nice when people whose skills you have admired turn about to be nice people as well.

The Other Andrew said...

Egggg-xactly. She was very nice.

Nicky Arnstein, Nicky Arnstein!

Cecilia said...

I'm so bummed I missed this. Doesn't work know it needs to schedule its busy times around knitting events???

fliss said...

I missed it :( I love the Kintting on the edge book with a passion - would love to get the others too - but I am restraining myself!