Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Neasdon Queen Of Soul

Here is a clip from one of my '80s obsessions, the voice of the beehive, the Nymphet of the Nail Varnish, the Neasdon Queen of Soul herself, Miss Mari Wilson:

"Just What I Always Wanted" by Mari Wilson & The Wilsations on "Top of the Pops", 1983 (I think).

Hey kids, those coloured spinning things at the start of the clip, they're what we old folks refer to as records. Neat huh?

This is the song that kicked off my obsession with Mari, and ecapsulates the early Mari beautifully. The camp, the fun, the nostalgic homage to an era, the joy of pop in a pure form. Mari deserves a much longer entry here but I'm a little pushed for time, so for now have a listen and I hope it whets your appetites. Enjoy!


Thombeau said...

You know how I feel about Miss Beehive!

The Other Andrew said...

Indeed I do! We are of like mind. :)

Did you ever hear "Shiver" by Virna Lindt? She was a Compact Records artiste at the same time as Mari. Fabulous! She had a sort of Swiss spy persona. Ice blonde.

Thombeau said...

Of course! I was---and am---completely smitten with Compact House. "Shiver" has recently been re-released, by the way.

You know I love that shit!

The Other Andrew said...

That makes me tingle.

No, really.

mrpeenee said...

Wilbur, the backup singer, looks like he should be in a taffeta dress.

The Other Andrew said...

Yup, but that's off-stage wear.

jason said...

ah....I remember.

I used to have a lovely interview with her somewhere in one of my No1 Magazines, I believe.