Friday, September 21, 2007

The Lust List: "So You Think You Can Dance" Edition

Note: We're only in the 2nd week of the competition here, and it's already over and done in the US, so please avoid spoilering the winner in the comments! Thanks.

Dance schmance, the important competition is the who's hot/who's not one, right? OK, actually I do watch it for the dance, but a little bit of pretty never goes astray.

Here are my own idiosincratic rankings.

9th Place: Cedric

Too under the radar for me. Several episodes in and I was all "Cedric? Oh, him."

8th Place: Hok

Hok's ranking is primarily for Crimes Against Hairdressing.

7th Place: Jesus (Not that one, a different one.)

Nice looking guy, and also a great dancer, but suffers a bit from Cedric Syndrome in my opinion. I just haven't really noticed him that much yet.

6th Place: Jimmy

Sweet, quite cute, but doesn't really stand out in the crowd.

5th Place: Dominic

A pocket rocket with a slight Leguizamo-esque air about him. Great ass, as evidenced by the 'disco' routine trousers. Once he dropped the BBoy 'tude and posturing he was much more sweet and likeable.

4th Place: Ricky

Ricky has a slamming bod and is a really great dancer, but I dunno, he has a weird intense energy about him that I find a bit off putting.

3rd Place: Neil

Cute, boy next door. Has a twin brother.

2nd Place: Danny

(First, shoot the photographer - this is a crappy pic to be used as the official pic. It makes him look half asleep.)

Tall, lean, slightly camp sounding Danny is built like a racehorse, all long limbs and finely sculpted torso. Beautiful to watch. (Interesting factoid: he's the adopted brother of last year's little cutie Travis.)

1st Place: [TIE] Kameron & Pasha

Ah, Kameron. Sexy, lovely dancer, seems to (sadly) really like the ladies. Has the kind of moves that make me think dirty, pervy things.

Pasha. This is actually not a very flattering photo, because he looks much sexier on the show. Handsome, lovely soft Russian accent, great dancer and a bit of a goofball. Once he busted out of the Russian Ballroom Dancer mode he suddenly got much, much sexier.


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

btw I talked about this website to you TOA, once when we were over at M&J's house... around the time of Eurovision, now that I think about it. anyway, I had seen it on GoFugYourself. they had another link to it this week, thank god, cos I really, really couldn't remember the name -

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

omfg! sorry for being totally off the topic but -

found by following the rungay boys to their own blog and having a little looksee. some nice podcast viewing there!

yani said...

Okay, I'll take Kameron and Neil, the rest of them can do whatever it is that SYTYCD failures do after the show :P

And, for the record, I haven't seen a single show, I just think those two are the hottest :)

The Other Andrew said...

Speedy, I've seen both of these websites. Too funny! Brini Maxwell is a cack!*

Yani, the show is Most Excellent, you should check it out. The dancers are very good. Not craptastic like Idol is this year...

* A good thing, Aussie slang for funny.