Friday, September 07, 2007

The Cull

It's a public holiday here today, but a grey, rainy and slightly dreary one. So I decided this morning to throw on some old clothes and have a big clean, tidy up and most importantly... a cull. I decided to start with the absolute hardest thing I find to get rid of - books.

Over the years I have acquired lots of books, and something like 95% or more of them I would never get rid of. But you know how there are those few? Those poorly judged gifts? The nice cover wrapped around a thoroughly disappointing interior? Well, those books have got to go. Once I start stacking books on top of others in the shelves it's time to either cull or buy more bookshelves, and frankly I'm out of space for more bookshelves (I have 7 already).

So far I've filled a couple of shopping bags, and then it's off to the secondhand bookstore and/or Goodwill in the morning. These books will not be coming home again! Syonara!


anti ob said...

Good luck. You will feel better for it and then there will be space that has to be filled with new books.
As one who purged 99% of our books late last year, its hard to start but very cleansing afterwards.
Of course we are building up it all again. There is the best used book/DVD/CD store in town, Its huge and cheap plus they let dogs in.

This is Coz not Anti Ob, but he would say the same thing ;)

mrpeenee said...

yes, sister, be strong, let them go. Someone out there is deperately looking for that copy of "Kitten on the Keys: My Life as a Tranny Concert Pianist"

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement, gentlemen. Now I know how Sophie felt, it's like giving up my children... er, stepchildren maybe. One's you're not THAT attached to.