Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Form Follows Fabulousness

I'm a design nerd. I will freely admit to that. All my life I have bought expensive magazines, full of even more expensive things, just to sit and look at all the pretty. I've trimmed my magazine addiction over the years, because frankly if you are spending more on Wallpaper* / Surface / World Of Interiors than food, then you've got a problem. A toss up between pot noodles or Elle Decor is a tough call, people.

Anyhoo. I also love vintage design. Put 'vintage design' and 'magazine' together and, well, hello priapism. So I was very excited to discover that German design magazine Form have put their entire 50 year archive online. 1957 to 2007.


Here are 3 pages from issue #77, from the year 1977. You want to know what was hot in 1977?:

Nanna hats. Matching vests and underpants. Cheese.

Big gold caftans. Bilateral amputation. Poirot Poiret Pierrot style.

Chic 'Daughters of Bilitis' lesbians. Naughty nuns.

In 1971 modernists Interlubke had a 'moment' with patterns which they'd possibly now wish to forget:

Meanwhile, Letraset was getting its groovy on:

OMG, Letraset! (I fully expect half of my readership are currently going Letra-what? It's what we old folks used in the days before desktop publishing. After desks, but before computers.)

Do you even know how much of my inner font nerd began with these little rub down letters? Hey, those Star Trek fanzines didn't write themselves you know...


Cecilia said...

You're a font nerd! I knew there was a reason I liked you!

Therin of Andor said...

Exhilaration was going into Artistcare, to check out their WALL of Letraset - and finding a font that looked just like the Star Trek motion pictures' font!

Kristine said...

Hee! I think you mean "Pierrot" style. Poirot was a detective. :)

jason said...

wow....what a treasure trove..

guess I won't be getting much sleep tonight.

thombeau said...

Oh, Andrew, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

Thanks for a terrific source of future Fabulon material!!!

Michael Guy said...

Tons and tons of LETRASET bought during my art school years.

Always a tough choice though: $5 bucks for rub-down lettering or a couple packs of Marlboros?

:: former social smoker ::

GREAT post, Andrew!

Sherri said...

At some point, when you are bored, wander over to Amazon and look about for a book called Interior Desecrations. I bought it for a friend, but (of course) had look through those eye-bleed-inducing pages first. Ah, the 70's!

And why is suddenly everyone talking Trek Fanzines? I've been giving out my K/S 'zine link to just everyone lately. (I bet you already have a paid membership to the library!)

The Other Andrew said...

Cecilia, yes I'm a font nerd. I'm the guy who once wrote a blog entry about how the "Lost" tv logo bothered me because the font was kerned badly...

Therin, I remember that font!

Kris, haha! You're write, I mean right!

Jason, sorry about the insomnia dude.

Thom, you're welcome! xxx

MG, thanks! So you were a Malboro Man?

Sherri, you write a K/S 'zine? Cool. A bunch of my female friends are slash writers, and several times in the past I've been asked to provide, ahem, 'technical advice' shall we say? Maybe I should start writing Jack/Ianto slash?...

Miss Helen said...

TOA you made pre-computer star trek zines?! OH MY GOD, you're the most awesome boy ever!