Thursday, July 12, 2007

Old People Can Be Poofs Too

I'm currently working for The Big Christian Charity in a service that works with the elderly. My workmate in the office is a very funny young Italian girl. Here is a conversation we had a short while ago:

Her: This client's name is Peter*, but it says here that his partner's name is Greg*.
Me: Mmmmm hmm?
Her: But he's like 70 years old.
Me: [laughing] So? His partner must be a man.
Her: But he's 70 years old!
Me: [laughing] So, old people can be poofs too.
Her: [laughing] I know, but...
Me: But he's 70 years old.
Her: Right.
Me: ...and what, you're thinking it was only invented recently.
Her: [laughing] I guess so!

* Names changed to protect the elderly and homosexual.


thombeau said...

You should tell her that "Peter" and "Greg" are the ones who invented it!

(BTW, do I detect a Brady theme here?)

The Other Andrew said...

Hah! I made up those names - so, paging Dr Freud!

M-H said...

::in despair over here:: I worked in an organisation that trained nurses once, and met exactly the same attitude.
Student: "We've got this man in our home who used to be homosexual"
Me: "Uh huh. So what is he now?
Student "He's nothing. He's old!"
Thud thud thud (That's me banging my head on the desk.)

Mikey (TLE) said...

Speaking of Stately Homos of Australia, I am reminded of today's newspaper article about High Court (Australia's Supreme Court for you Us types) Justice, Michael Kirby's personal appeal to John Howard (Prime Minister) to change the rules so that his (male) partner of 38 years can inherit his judicial pension after Kirby dies (he's 68 so he's around for a while yet). Just like all the "regular" married couples. Kirby must be one of the most dignified men I've met. One of the greats.

Michael said...

How likely that it'll happen, Mikey?

freakgirl said...

Old people do not have teh sex, much less teh butt sex. Don't you know anything? :D

Mikey (TLE) said...

Michael, the Australian Attorney General, Phil Ruddock (major d*ckhead) has already rejected it in this morning's papers with the feeble line that the govt won't deal with same sex issues in "isolation"... Yeah right!

Methinks Kirby is gearing up for a legal challenge... Though that would cause him problems given his exisiting position.

The Other Andrew said...

I met Justice Kirby once at dinner, years before he was out. When I was in Tassie for the international AIDS conference in the late 80s. Nice man. Deserves better treatment, as do we all.

BrianB said...

I read this evening that Kerwin Mathews, who played Sinbad in the movie "The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad" (he fought the skeletons in that wonderful sword fight scene that was stop action animated) and also played Gulliver in "The 3 Worlds of Gulliver", passed away at 81 years, leaving behind his partner Tom Nicoli. They were together for 46 years! Warms. My. Heart! Was Kerwin ever cute too!