Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Rites Of Spring

I've been sitting here in the office all day today looking out the window at the mild sunny day passing me by outside. My good mood is still definately in place but the day has been taunting me with tricksy soft-voiced promises of Spring, even though we're only part way through Winter here. Not even a regular generic Winter, but the coldest June in many, many years which followed along after the warmest May in many, many years. Now that's a world gone mad, and it's just plain cruel.

Anyhoo, I always get ansty like this part way through Winter. You know that by now. The first warm day has me planning long cool drinks in a sunny courtyard, picnics, and photo safaris to the beach. Only to be sorely vexed when I have to drag out the overcoat and brolly tomorrow.

Maybe this year I'll just start a Spring 'To Do' list early.


Kenyo said...

"...long cool drinks in a sunny courtyard..."

Put this recipe in your spring to-do list (as easy as 1-2-3):

1 part Kahlua
2 parts Razberi Stoli
3 parts plain Stoli
over lots of crushed ice in a tall glass

The Other Andrew said...

Wow, a total of 5 parts Stoli to 1 part Kahlua. Lethal! :)

thombeau said...

Any drink called a "Raspberry Beret" MUST be good!

I'll bet the Razberi Stoli could be replaced with Stoli Vanil to wonderful effect. Of course, then it wouldn't be a Raspberry Beret. More like a Beige Bonnet.

The Other Andrew said...

6 measures of spirits... I think I'd call it a Crash Helmet. (As in, requiring one.)