Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Workplace Hazards

I'm trying to be good. I am. I'm trying to stay on the path of righteousness and rectitude, but yesterday the boss bought us all pizza for lunch and in the afternoon everyone was dished up chocolate cake (special occasion: unknown). Today three seperate people have come into my office and left me chocolates of some description.

Are these people mad? Would they install a slot machine if they knew I had a gambling problem? Would they declare every Wednesday "Open Bar Day" if they knew I had an AA membership? I mean, ok, either of those addictions could escape notice at a casual glance. But can't these people see that I have an issue?

One glance at the double chin and the muffin top isn't enough?

::help:: ::they're killing me::


M-H said...

Ihad this problem a couple of years ago. I just started taking tiny slices of everything and refusing the chocs. Told them the dr had told me I really needed to lose weght. Where I work everyone was synpathetic, and even did 'good on ya's, and noticed when I had lost some weight. I reackon if you talk openly about your weight and how hard it is to lose it, and really don't eat anything more than a tiny slice for politeness, they'll get the hint.

Therin of Andor said...

Speaking of food, TOA, did you get the email about YuleFest?

The Other Andrew said...

M-H, the sad fact is I'm all "Oh OK, I'll have some just to be social" as I scarf down my third piece of pizza. I'm my own worst enemy and clearly cannot resist temptation.

Therin, yes I did! Sorry I haven't replied yet but I haven't been home the past few nights. I'll be coming. Prepare to give me the prize for the best cupcakes.

Michael said...

Muffin-topped slut! Dish me in email.

Michael said...

I never start or sample in the office, because once that seal is broken, the demon is loosed. If I keep it contained, all is well.