Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Why Do I Never Get Protested Against?

I mean, c'mon! If our boring old Prime Minister can get this sort of action, then surely the rest of us can get in on it. I could do something topical. Or boring. Or poorly thought out. I do that sort of shit all the time.

From the Sydney Morning Herald - story here.
"Climate Change Ski Team member Josh Brown of Bega is led away after his protest."
Photo: Glen McCurtayne

Let's not forget that it's winter here and, ahem, that means cold and that means traditionally a degree of, well, shrinkage. So all I can say is Josh, nice work dude.


M-H said...

I reckon it's a sock. Probably not hand-knitted, though.

Mikey (TLE) said...

Yes, I noticed this young man on the SMH as well.

The weather may be cold, but I say hot.

thombeau said...


The Other Andrew said...

I know!

M-H, I think it's a pair or socks maybe.

Mikey, word.