Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Ridiculously Good

Oh man, it's like I woke up with a bluebird chirping on the windowsill and a powder blue sky filled with rainbows this morning. I swear Dick Van Dyke is about to pop his head through the window and sing me a happy tune (in a dodgy Cockney accent) any moment now. You know? When you have one of those days when all's right with the world? Giddy almost.

I'm easily pleased I guess. All it takes is a good night's sleep, the last vestiges of my bronchitis being on their way, a warm and sunny Spring-like day, a morning commute that has dropped from one and a half hours to 8 minutes (isn't that just ridiculous?) and the next thing you know I'm skipping the streets like I have a coterie of animated friends.

Ok, there was no actual skipping (or animated friends for that matter) but I kind of felt like it.

I am not complaining. If I could bottle this and pop it into my nightstand I would. In a little bottle that I could take sips from every now and then.


thombeau said...


Of course you have animated friends. I'm one of them!

Jodie Sorrell said...

How come your commute is so short now?

Nice to hear you're on the mend.

The Other Andrew said...

More animated than most even!! :)

The Other Andrew said...

Argh, cross posting!

Jodie, I used to have 2 train rides and a 20 minute walk. Now I get on the train and get off 4 stations later. It's like a miracle!!

Michael said...

So happy that you're happy, Mary!

Now then what'd be nice
We'll start with raspberry ice
And then some cakes and tea
Order what you will
There'll be no bill
It's complimentary

The Other Andrew said...

Just singing "com-pli-men-tar-yyy!" would be enough to give anyone the happy pants, yes? I think so.

Ur-spo said...

nothing beats a good night sleep; best tonic there is.

The Other Andrew said...

I think you're right there Dr Spo. Not hacking up a lung is a plus too. And a nice warm sunny day! (I just watched an old guy walking his two small dogs outside through my window, and it made me want to run out there and join them in the sun.)

Therin of Andor said...

I do miss my long daily commute for catching up on my "To Read" pile, though.

Glad to hear you're feeling more animated. (You're not bad, you're just drawn that way.)