Friday, July 27, 2007

I PR Things, Sweetie!

I had the pleasure of being Mr James Charles O'Brien's Plus One to a CD launch last night at the very swish Hugos [sic] Bar Pizza in King's Cross. (Yes, James, as you mentioned I still hold my ground on the apostrophe issue. It even burns me to write it.) This was the pink drinks function I wrote about a few days ago. The pink drinks were thematic you see, as the CD being launched was Hey Eugene! by latin lounge 'genre bending' 12 piece outfit Pink Martini.

Cameraphone Photo by Mr James Charles O'Brien, Esq

What a fun night!

As James mentioned in his blog entry, we were probably the oldest people in the room by at least 10 years. Having both come straight from work, we probably also looked like the only people in the room with serious jobs. Industry execs style.

I don't know what I was expecting, but it was kind of a fabulous but strange event for a launch. Maybe this is the way things are PR'd in this day and age? Hire a swish and expensive venue. Put a 'door bitch' glamazon on the door who takes her job very seriously. Spend a fortune on free nummy nums cocktails, stacks of free CDs on every table (I took a few, natch), free gourmet pizza, dim the lights, strew rose petals all over the venue (and even in the drinks) fer Chrissakes... and then invite a bunch of (almost) teenagers who look like they could hardly afford a CD, let alone work in the industry. That's sort of it. Have some free drinks, and some free pizza, and help yourself to as many free CDs as you want.

I guess it works though, I had a great night and I have been playing the CD all morning... and I love it.


Kenyo said...

Robert Bringhurst says it's ok to say "the 1980s" or "the 2000s" but it makes me uneasy.

Actually it makes me want to wretch...

Michael Guy said...

Andrew! 'rose petals' floating on pink drinks?! Divoon-O-rama.

:: making mental note to amaze piss-elegant friends ::

Sounds like a fun evening despite the work threads.

Stilgherrian said...

Well, Andrew, it worked, didn’t it? You spent time telling simply everyone about the fabulous new CD. You blog, the keywords get indexed at Technorati etc, rankings in search engines rise... PR objectives met!

Edna Wilt said...

Aaahhh, why didn't you tell me Hey Eugene was having it's very own pink launch party!? I ADORE Pink Martini (the band as well as the drink) and I actually PAID for the CD a few weeks ago!
May I also recommend you listen to their other two albums- Sympathique (you'll love their version of Que Sera Sera, I guarantee it) and Hang On Little Tomato. :-)

Ur-spo said...

dear me
this is twice in one day I have heard of Pink Martini and I have never heard about them before!

thombeau said...

We LOVE Pink Martini! I was gonna mention them in the other post but didn't think you'd be interested! How wrong I was. And how fabulous you ARE!

(PM are from my future hometown of Portland, Oregon)

The Other Andrew said...

See how far ahead of the game you all are, my readers!

You ARE the zeitgeist my friends!!