Monday, July 30, 2007

The Ubiquitous Semi-Frequent Monday Morning Weekend Recap


I spent the majority of Saturday afternoon on my hands and knees with my ex. Fun times! Nail punching, sanding, taping and painting his skirting boards. Mikey (the lovely ex) had all new floors put into his glamorous apartment high above Darlinghurst a few months back (think pale grey washed timber, very swish) and with new floors come new skirting boards. Only in plain unfinished MDF (not so swish).

Painting together highlighted one thing about Mikey (tle) and I. Mikey is very result oriented. I'm very detail and process oriented, and enjoy the journey. Mikey manifests this as what's the shortest route to an end result? (ie let's slap the paint straight on). Where I manifest this as you do know that these need to be nail punched, filled, sanded, taped off and undercoated, right? Oh, and by the way, that tape isn't straight. The Virgo nature runs deep to the bone, people. I'm not saying Mikey's approach is wrong, at all, in fact Mikey kept the end result in sight. I can get too bogged down in minutia. A blend of the two meant that we got all the prep work done, and about three quarters of the undercoating. Neatly.

Afterwards my ancient knees and lower back were protesting, so I spent the night in with David Tennant. First Dr Who and then David's appearance on Parkinson. Who knew he has such a lilting Scots accent? Oh my gawd. Maybe it's my Scots heritage, but don't ever bother to dirty talk me, or whisper flattery in my ears, just pretend you're from Glasgow. Or Edinburgh. Och aye.

Yesterday I saw the latest Harry Potter film with my friend Stephen who was visiting from Brisbane for a few days, and a couple of other friends. The film was lots of fun, slick and lush as expected, paced fairly well, engaging and one of the most fun cinema experiences I've had for a while. All the films have a consistent look to them, but some of the design elements of this film (the headquarters of the Order Of The Pheonix and the Ministery Of Magic in particular) were stunning. And not in a predictable way. I think the design team on this film, and the groundwork laid by the previous films' teams, really should be commended.

Afterwards I headed into Woolloomoollo to meet up with James O'Brien and attend the Gay Bloggers Meet. I was supposed to then go and do a photoshoot with a band after the Blogger meet, but I got a message to say that it was cancelled, so I was free to stay on at the meet and have a few more beers. I had a great time. James describes me as far more social than he is, but there were times last night when I felt unaccountably shy and it seemed like the shoe was on the other foot. I certainly met a nice group of guys, and suddenly have a whole lot of new blogs to check out. So afterwards James dropped me off in his neighbourhood, and as it was quite a mild night, I walked the rest of the way home.

A nice end to a fun weekend. How was yours?


yaniboy said...

Double double dammit... I missed his appearance on Parky... but luckily they repeat Saturday's Parky the following Friday, so I made big huge notes in my TV Guide so I won't forget to tape and or watch it.

The Other Andrew said...

I was really surprised by the accent! Everything else I've seen him in has no trace of his natural Scots accent.

Cecilia said...

The way you and your Ex work together sounds just like me and my sister! Although I'm sure you manage it a lot better than we do!

The Other Andrew said...

Hah! Yeah, we don't fight or anything, so I guess we're more complimentary than not. :)

Mikey (TLE) said...

"Results oriented" indeed. Can't argue with that. I am "Mr Instant Gratification". I can't remember, was he one of the "Mr Men"?

Thanks for the painting assist. Would you be keen to take photos of the band performances on Friday night this week? If so, I'll see if I can arrange something.