Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Well, well. It didn't take me long to start to form my short list of favourite dancers on So You Think You Can Dance: Australia. Inevitably, hot on the heels of the list based on perfomance and skill, comes the Hot List. An informal ranking of the boys from hottest to nottest. I know it's shallow, it's just what I do.

Anyhoo, Henry wasn't real high on my list. I mean, he seems really sweet, he's hellaciously talented, he works well with Vanessa, etc, but the long hair and scruffy chin fluff... not working.

Sunday night, I nearly fell to my knees. Thank you Jebus!

See! Ok, I would have been happy for the chest hair to stay but I have to say this new look is like a 1000% improvement. And the African inspired Samba routine? AMAZING. Vanessa has been kind of meh for me so far, but she was frickin' incredible on Sunday night. That 'death drop' lift at the end, the one where her face ends up centimetres above the dancefloor, scary and thrilling.

I'm kind of hoping Rhys wins though, because I love his amazing dance skill (really, this boy can dance anything), his campness, his joy, his quick wit, his ease with himself, and the fantastic relationship he has with his family. To see the close bond he has with his very blokey Dad is really refreshing.

You go, girl.


The Other Andrew said...


Ok fine. I know I write these SYTYCD entries and they sit here unloved and uncared for. ::sob:: No, I'm OK. I am.

I WILL be ok.

I think I can feel you quietly judging me.

Mikey (TLE) said...

Acutally, Evanski and I were watching last Sunday's SYTYCD. I tune in sporadically and was channel surfing between it and the 60 minutes stories on the kayakers across the Tasman (alas no confessions of, ou know, helping each other out...) and the body modifciation people (the "lizard man" seemed surprisingly well adjusted). I agree on the Henry transformation and the routine. Hotness personified.

I also agree that Rhys is a dear and terribly talented.

The Other Andrew said...

I know, right? He was so under the radar for me until Sunday night. Then, WHOA! (PS. nice basket.)

Edna Wilt said...

Isn't Henry a dish! I thought he was gorgeous anyway, but now that the hair has gone- I want!
Rhys is lovely, if you like that kinda thang. ;-) Do we like Jack? Yes?

The Other Andrew said...

We LOVE Jack, such a cutie pie and sweet too. I don't want to date Rhys, but I admire him. I quite like Anthony too, the statuesque muscleboy, and I think he's been saddled with pretty lame routines so far and a partner that didn't really seem up to the same standard. IMHO, J.D. must go. Not feeling it at all. Graeme is a cutie too.

It's a bit of a boyfest, thank goodness.

yani said...

Ah, here I am again, the lone voice in the wilderness...

I will say that I do not, have not, and will not be watching the Aussie version of Dance... but for some reason I keep seeing little bits of Henry's routines...

And whoever convinced him to cut his hair needs to be taken out the back, put up against the wall and SHOT!

With the long hair he was THE HOTNESS... and for a non watcher, instantly recongnisable... but now he's just random bland same same... okay, I'm not arguing with the wax job... but the hair was sexy!

And aren't ALL the male dancers raging queers? ;P