Sunday, March 09, 2008

Commodities Trading

Something occured to me this morning in the shower, as I was reaching for the shampoo.

Some backstory, and forgive me for repeating myself, but a little while back I discovered a really gentle range of skincare that my poor sensitive skin took to like a duck to moisture. Seriously. It calmed my Rosacea skin condition and was so effective that I wrote to the company recently to tell them, and then gave them permission to use my testimonial in their future advertising. They gave me a couple of freebie products in return.

So fast forward, shower time. I was looking at the shower caddy in my shower and sort of mentally counted the products lined up there. Two shower gels, shampoo, conditioner, cleanser and scrub. Then I added in the facial oil, anti-oxidant moisturiser, eye cream, night cream and hand cream in the vanity. Even taking out the couple of freebies, that's a lot of products right? So far everything has been brilliant, so I keep going to the one same chemist near my house (the one with the really nice older lady that seems so, well, motherly and whose surname is probably the one above the door) and buying more stuff to try.

So my thought this morning was about this chemist. I was wondering if they noticed that suddenly this range seems to be flying off the shelves. I pictured them doing their reordering, or tidying the shelves, and thinking "Well, look at that. This stuff sure has started selling well.".

See, I'm inflating the market! What happens when I get to the end? When my bathroom cabinet decides it can hold no more, or my wallet decides it can pay no more, or my skin decides it can take no more buffing? No more gentle moisture? What then? Overstocked shelves? A price crash? (Actually, that would have some benefits.)

I just hope they keep on bringing out new products, because I feel some responsibility here.


Sunshine said...

Well, perhaps the next step is to make your own. Akin is a great brand but they still have some artificial preservatives and ingredients in some of their products (but miles and miles better than most commercial mproducts).

Making your own means you have total control of the ingredients and if you can achieve some economies of scale (eg, make most of your products yourself), the cost is actually quite palatable.


Michael said...

Wait, they don't keep their spokesmodels drowning in swag?

You should volunteer to be their testfairy.