Tuesday, March 18, 2008


We had lunch in the office today, my boss catered a lunchtime meeting with one of the funding bodies here and bought enough food for everyone in our office. Which was all well and good, until I started feeling twitchy from not having been outside at all today. It's warm and a bit tropical, with just a few fluffy white clouds in the sky. The sort of weather that siren-calls Come outside! Come outside!

So I did. Just a 15 minute circuit through the back streets of the neighbourhood, twice passing a couple of the young women from another floor 'power walking' their way in the opposite direction. While I power strolled. For once I didn't bring my camera today, so of course I saw lots of things to photograph. The picket fence where someone had meticulously numbered all the palings neatly in pencil. The HUGE spider's web stretching about 3 meters between two trees. (Gulp) The plain white delivery van that had a rear door flung open, revealing an interior that was entirely papered in various stickers of all sizes and shapes.

Interesting things. Things that hinted at more things to see. Things that started a siren-call of Don't go back to work! Don't go back to work!


Ur-spo said...

3 meters??
I realize Australia has lots of nasty toxic critters but I can only imagine what awful spider makes such webs.

The Other Andrew said...

Actually, probably just a common Orb Weaver. But a very active one!