Monday, March 24, 2008

A Holiday Monday 5

  • Mmmm, good coffee and poached eggs on toasted Turkish bread at a sidewalk cafe = good start to the day.
  • Walking around in the sun with the camera, and patting friendly dogs = even better.
  • Later I might vacuum and dust, or maybe I won't. Colour me unpredictable.
  • I was checking the tv guide for the week ahead, and at midnight on Wednesday there is a program called "I Survived Impaling". I wonder what it's about?
  • I have a fondness for the silly and eccentric, and I was charmed by the story in today's paper about the Play Me I'm Yours street piano project. 15 pianos left on public streets for people to play, sometimes with heart warming and joyous results.


Campbell said...

Sounds like the day's going well for you. Love the new look btw. A cheap and easy way for a makeover!!

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks Campbell! I figure 'cheap & easy' is stylistically consistent, given that this blog is about me after all. :)

Michael said...

Survive? Please. I THRIVE on impaling.

The Other Andrew said...

Yes, THANK YOU. Geez, took you long enough! :P

But then, how long is 'long enough'?