Monday, March 03, 2008

Bowling For Adrienne & Sarah

Photo heavy posting today!

I had a really nice weekend, although Saturday was partly a day of missed connections. I went to knitting at cafe Barmuda in the early afternoon, and I had intended to go and watch the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade in the evening. I had bugged Mikey (the lovely ex) during the week to try and find out if friends of ours were watching the parade or having parties, but nothing seemed to be organised. Although I was presented with the last minute option of going in the parade. In hindsight I probably should have, or should have been more proactive about making plans.

I elected not to go in the parade, and so after having a quiet night at home and going to bed I got a phone call at 5 minutes to midnight with a group of drunk friends telling me I should get dressed and go out with them! I have to say, I was a bit frustrated by it. If they had rung an hour or two earlier I might have joined them, or if I had known they were planning on partying after the parade I might have made plans to meet with them afterwards. So I ended up feeling kind of put on the spot, and as if I was being lame by not getting out of bed and going out. Eh, as I said I should have been more proactive.

I had an early start planned for Sunday morning, breakfast and a fabric shopping expedition (for her) with my friend Judy. We headed into the city and managed to find what Judy was looking for, before she dropped me off in Petersham to meet up with a group of my friends at a lawn bowls club, for a combined birthday party for my friends Adrienne and Sarah.

As it turned out Sarah was home in bed with the flu, but a bunch of us hung out at the club, celebrated with Adrienne and toasted Sarah in her absence, ate, played bowls, drank, chased children around the greens and had a grand time. The morning had been grey and cool, but by early afternoon had become bright, sunny and quite hot. Perfect sitting in the shade sipping shandies weather.

Oliver Lining Up
Adrienne & Daen's son Oliver (L), and lining up for a shot (R)

Jack High Bowls
The jack, an irresistable lure for the kids (L), lawn bowls (R)

Potted Colour Scores
Pink geraniums growing by the greens (L), disused score numbers (R)

Jasper Oliver
Jasper, Jack Thief (L), Oliver being sun smart (R)

Lorikeet Zoe & Kieth
Lorrikeet in the rubber tree (L), Keith and Zoe share some quiet time (R)

I left the bowling club late afternoon to meet up with my friend John who was in town from Perth for Mardi Gras, another friend Andrew who I hadn't seen for about 15 years, and Bernard and his partner Stewie. We sat in the beer garden of the Courthouse Hotel, laughed, boy watched, caught up, ate and drank. It was lovely! By about 9 o'clock I had to go home or fall over. After about 9 hours of eating and drinking they were frankly my only two options.

On balance, a very good weekend. You?

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thombeau said...

Great pics, bro!

I spent the day helping somebody move, it was pretty funny. You should have seen us: three burly men (or should I say girly men!) squeezed into the cab of a truck!

Later I went to Ikea for the first time. What an exotic land that is!

Have a great week, kiddo!

The Other Andrew said...

So, no fugue state in Ikea? :)

You have a great week too!

jason said...

such cute pictures!

Me? a nice weekend overall....seeing friends...enjoying the beautiful weather here before it ends soon.

The Other Andrew said...

Jason, thanks!

You're heading into Spring now aren't you? We've just started Autumn here.