Friday, March 07, 2008

Remedial Method

This cold is still kicking my butt, but today finds me suprisingly not dead, so yay. (I nearly wrote undead, which yesterday almost didn't seem too out of the question.) Here's my shortlist of 5 remedial activities to feel less almost undead:

  • Despite waking at 3.30am, getting up and watching an old episode of Parkinson at 4am, then going back to bed and sleeping through until after 8.30. Sleeping In is normally on my list of Things I Would Like To Do, But Sadly Cannot.
  • A lunch time stroll into Newtown, and having lunch at the Japanese place Eat Me Sushi. (PS. When you're done, eat me next.) Apparently the new menu is based on too much food for too little money. Miso soup, sashimi, sushi rolls and teriyaki all for $12.50. Ridonkulous.
  • Buying a book by David Sedaris. Always a wise move.
  • New paints, brushes and palette. Next up, inspiration (hopefully).
  • Coming home to find a perfectly timed care package of 2 CDs from a certain sweety pie. Just perfect. Ladies and ladies I give you 80s Swedish model/spy/new modern song stylist Miss Virna Lindt! (Think 80s pop synth, with brass and strings, filtered through 60s/70s cold war spy storylines, in English and Swedish, and you're on your way to understanding the magic.)

"Shiver" by Virna Lindt. Compact Records, 1983.

"Play/Record" by Virna Lindt. Compact Records, 1985.


Mel said...

Which David Sedaris book?

The Other Andrew said...

"Dress Your Family In Corduroy And Denim". Read it?

Jodie Sorrell said...

you can never have too much sushi for too little money!

thombeau said...

Sounds like an OK kinda day! LOVE DAVID SEDARIS!!!

And I definitely agree with Jodie!

Cecilia said...

I love David Sedaris!! Hope he has revived you.

Kenyo said...

A thank you Andrew dear. Several weeks ago I asked you for some info about Australian food and cookbooks.

You kindly supplied me with some names and in looking them up on the Internet I discovered Barbara Santish's In the Land of the Magic Pudding. I bought a copy and it's perfect -- just what I was looking for.

All I need now is just some onions and bunions I'll be making my own Magic Pudding.

Here in the States we know nothing about The Magic Pudding or Norman Lindsay's writings.

The Other Andrew said...

David Sedaris is teh funny, in a poignant sort of way.

Kenyo, oh you're welcome!

Michael said...
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Michael said...

It's Eat Me Sushi, so shouldn't it be Miso Horny Soup? That meal sounds divine.

I've seen David Sedaris a few times now. He basically just stands at a podium and reads his essays, but his delivery is just priceless, and there's something about the group experience of laughing with hundreds of other people. And as you say, as funny as he is, his stuff is always laced with poignancy/pathos.