Monday, March 17, 2008

Too Funny!

It's a big ole photo-ey day today it seems!

Now I like to think I'm pretty observant, but I'm in awe of the mistakes spotted by the Photoshop Disasters blog. Strange reflections, rubber midriffs and mutant hands, to name just a few.


John C said...

I sympathise with some of those perpetrators...well, up to a point. As the notes point out, much of the demand for that kind of iniquity comes from higher up and the nature of Photoshop artwork means the higher-ups have an expectation that everything can be changed endlessly. Combine that pressure with ridiculous deadlines and it's the proverbial recipe for disaster.

But that's still no excuse for three hands!

The Other Andrew said...

Well said John.

For me it's the the disembodied hand on the shoulder that's kind of creepy...