Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter Encore

Easter came and went the weekend before last, but most of my friends were away over the extended 4 day break that we had. So in order that our clan of friends and children didn't miss out on the fun of an afternoon of Easter egg hunting, one of my friends Speedy (frequent commentors, you know her as World Peace & A Speedboat) opened her house on Saturday for an encore Easter.

We checked with the Easter Bunny and he was available. As it turned out, his book was clear.

The post hunt haul, collected and ready for equitable distribution.

It was a really fun afternoon. The kids had a blast, as you'd expect. I mean, it's not everyday that the garden suddenly blooms with most delicious chocolate eggs in seductive shiny foil wrappers. It's the toddler equivalent of The Big Rock Candy Mountain.

The hiding degree of difficulty was aimed at "Ages 2 & Up".

And you know, my friends have raised a nice bunch of kids. The idea of sharing is kind of hard for a 2 year old (and many adults), but the older kids grasped the concept and with some guidence from them, and various parents, there was no noticable squabbling. Everyone's haul was added to the collective's and then and equitable distribution was arranged. Nice.

Next year we're introducing them to the concept of the anarcho-syndicalist commune.

Isobel with haul.

Of course this controlled distribution also means that no one child ended up on the sugar rush to end all sugar rushes, so it was self preservation on behalf of the parents I'm guessing.

A stunning Dahlia, one of the garden's big show-offs.

We had a bbq, chatted, Sarah and I knitted some (actually, Mikey's boyfriend Evan even came over to the Dark Side and knitted a couple of rows of my project), those who are parents child wrangled, and a lovely time was had by all. Speedy's house has a large under cover area that is ideal for outdoor entertaining, and her garden is looking fantastic. I had to snap off a couple of pics to record its late Summer/early Autumn loveliness.

Gorgeous vivid blue.

I headed home around sunset, and had a chilled out sort of evening. I turned off all my lights and unnecessary electrical appliances for Earth Hour, and although it was much more low key than last year, it still felt good to contribute towards the event. I looked outside once Earth Hour had begun and most of my neighbours were participating too.

Pinks, one of my favourite flowers and much loved by the Elizabethans.

So, a lovely day and in fact a nice weekend in general. Saturday was also Haircut Day, which we LOVE. Sunday was a pretty low key chilled sort of day, I just did some domestic duties around the house and then went to knitting at the Courthouse Hotel in the afternoon. It was also warm and sunny all weekend, which is officially a Good Thing.

And you?


John C said...

Easter Egg hunt sounds fun. Is that another American thing? Here we just used to get Easter presents as kids, usually those big chocolate eggs.

I was working most of the weekend, not as terrible as it sounds since much of the work was on a secret personal project that's engaged me for the past few years which I may be shortly announcing to the world.

The Other Andrew said...

I don't know if it's an American thing? I could be cheeky and say that it's an Australian thing, given where I am. :) We used to do it with friends in Adelaide years ago, but I'm not sure where the idea orignates from.

The Other Andrew said...

I should also add, can't wait to hear about the secret project!

John C said...

Secret Project is quite a major thing on a personal level, so fingers crossed. Certain things have to happen before I say anything in public and I've bitten my tongue over this long enough to keep quite for a while longer. Don't you love the drama?

The Other Andrew said...

I'm on the edge of my seat!

spyder said...

Rockin weekend. Was lovely to see you, Kitten.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

I love that you love the garden TOA :-) it feels good when people enjoy it. that's why it's there!

I'm intrigued as to the origin of the hunt, I thought it was quite an old concept and european in origin, but that's not based on anything concrete at all. we never did it every year as a child, but I love it.

btw I love pinks too - if you ever see Clove Pinks for sale, do buy them, will you? pale grey foilage, pale pink flower, very delicate. I had a lovely plant about 12 years ago and gave it to Gunric (he had been looking for one to brew something), thinking I could get another, but never have. it smells beautiful!

The Other Andrew said...

Spyd, ditto sweetie. It was nice to see you.

Speedy, I'll keep my eyes open for clove pinks! Your garden is so great for entertaining.