Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Exhibit A

The looming 4 day Easter break set me thinking about what I want to do over the holiday and I don't want to just fritter it away doing stuff around the house. I was thinking I might indulge in a few cultural pursuits. There are a bunch of exhibitions that might be good to check out, with the added benefit that many of them are free. (Free! Huzzah for free!)

Sydney has an excellent National Maritime Museum and there are some really interesting exhibitions on there at the moment:

Sounds pretty diverse and interesting. Then next month I might head back to see Summers Past - Golden Days In The Sun 1950 - 1970, which should be choc full of fabulous vintage photos like the one below.

Sunbathers at Bondi, 1956.

I might also take a wander over to the Justice & Police Museum at Circular Quay for the exhibition Sydney's pubs: liquor, larrikins & the law. Then, perhaps a beer afterwards. For research purposes. In fact, while I was writing this entry I just spoke with Young Master O'Brien and he's up for all of the above as well, so knowing the two of us as I do there will definately be beers. And possibily even some larrikins.

And your plans?


Michael said...

I'm heading straight to the bar. We'll meet up after you get done with the boat museum.

The Other Andrew said...

No love for the boat museum? Not even cute pics of shipboard puss cats?

(PS. I'll be looking for pictures of vintage sailors in the gift shop.)

Michael said...

I love a museum, but just not a maritime Mary, I suppose.

Alright, I have to get packin'. Promise to miss me?

The Other Andrew said...

I'm missing you already. Have fun!

Jodie Sorrell said...

Having just moved house, I plan on unpacking in one foul swoop and getting it over and done with!

Have I told you how much I hate moving!

Have a drink or seven for me, please ;-)

thombeau said...

Havve a great holiday. Stay in touch!

The Other Andrew said...

Ugh Jodie, that doesn't sound like my idea of fun. Has to be done though, right? At least you can do it leisurely if you plan to do it all weekend.

Thombeau, will do! Having fun at Film Experience Blog?

Charisse said...

The toy boats exhibition looks really good, and it's FREE! woo! I might have to schedule this into my easter break plans also.

Barney in Australia said...

That gal on the red towel looks like she'll have a nice lobster sunburn.