Monday, March 17, 2008

Summery Sunday

The absolute best thing about Autumn 2008 in Sydney so far, is that it's Summer. Apparently. The torrential rains of this Summer have gone, and it's warm and delicious. I took myself off for a late breakfast on Sunday morning, with the paper and my camera, and sat and people watched, and turned to follow the sun like a sunflower. Glorious! Afterwards I spent the afternoon knitting in The Courthouse beer garden, and celebrating my friend Pong's receipt of Australian Citizenship.

Many beers were had. Life is good.

Lost & Found

Truth in advertising.


Beautiful pink hibiscus in my neighbour's front garden. Also enjoying the delayed Summer.

Pretty Litter

Pretty purple litter.


thombeau said...

Sounds like a great day. That bottom picture is perfection!

The Other Andrew said...

Danke! It's taken on the footpath in my street, about 3 houses away. The tree these flowers and leaves are from is a riot of brilliant purple. Glorious.

yani said...

I LOVE those purple flowers... I saw them when I was there... so vivid!

The Other Andrew said...

I have been told the name if this tree many times, but I can never remember it! Weird. It's like a mental blank.

Michael Guy said...

Absolutely adore the hibiscus shot, Andrew! Flawless perfection!

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks MG! It was promptly plucked and placed behind my ear of course. I just hope I chose the ear that means AVAILABLE! in neon letters.