Friday, March 14, 2008

Catharsis Required

Apply Within.

Ay dios mio. Today is the last day of a very long working week it seems. Somewhere along the line, and while I wasn't looking, somebody must have shoehorned a couple of extra days in there, because I swear this week has gone on forever.

On top of that the mode du jour seems to be 'crabby' in the office today. Bitchy. Short. (The other kind of short.) People telling each other to do things rather than asking. I've stayed out of most of that, but the pervailing mood starts to seep under your skin after a while.

I'm telling you it does! Alright!?

Eh, 3 hours to go. YAY. Then I'm off to have a berevage or seven with the lovely Jodie Sorrell. Double yay. It's hot again today and I've a hankering for a Gin & Tonic. Bombay Saphire. No, maybe Tanqueray. Fresh lime, not lemon.

Then kittens, it's the weekend! That from which all joy and goodness springs.

[Photo by Miles Aldridge via Foto Decadent.]


Christopher said...

Oh, you're so pretty in drag!


The Other Andrew said...

Thanks! This was my goth girl black lipstick oh-why-can't-i-be-a-lesbian?! phase. I got over it.