Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Stand Back! He's Gonna Blow! (...And Not In A Good Way)

Urgh, yesterday I blogged about my blood pressure... and right now I think I should get that sucker tested again. You know that thing at the Carnival, where if you hammer hard enough the puck thingee shoots up to the top and rings the bell. Right now my blood pressure is ringing that bell!

(OK, that's a weird metaphor that doesn't really work, but you get the drift.)

I've spent the past few days creating a whole bunch of documents that need to go out to a client today. Complicated stuff, all different share plan offers, some with all sorts of performance criteria... blah, blah. My boss just came back to me to review my drafts, and in the process handed me all the info he had (that was pre-approved by the client) but which he hadn't handed on to me. Well, I have to trash 90% of what I have done already.

Ho, ho. The client is so not getting this today.

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