Saturday, August 06, 2005

Jeremy Sheffield

Jeremy who? I hear you ask.

Jeremy Sheffield. Woof.

Some years ago now, I was watching one of the music clip shows and a film clip by petite little Aussie soapie actress, now pop princess, Natalie Imbuglia came on. That song was Torn. Nice song. Catchy.

What really made me sit up and take notice though was the hugely tall, beyond hot guy in the film clip. A blue sweater never looked so good.

That my friends was Jeremy Sheffield. What I didn't know was:
  • He was a dancer with UK's Royal Ballet
  • He's a jobbing actor, with some tv credits, a movie, some commercials, and a stint on a popular UK hospital soapie Holby City under his belt
  • He is one of the few openly gay actors on UK tv

There's more info, and even better pics of him over at his fan site Jeremy Sheffield Heaven. I feel a crush coming on!


Michael said...

Shut my mouth! Go ahead and try. Damn. Dayum!

The Other Andrew said...

I know!

Mighty. Fine.

...and this isn't even the best pic of him. Try and scope out the film clip if you can, he's adorable.

Now I'm going off for a lie down.

Bagpussarah said...

Oh I agree. Jeremy Sheffield is HOT!!
Holby City wasn't the same after he left.
There are two facebook sites dedicated to him.