Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Hypotheticals Time

Hey kids, let's play the hypotheticals game! Let's imagine for a moment that:

a) You are a huge fan of tv show, which we'll call 'Firefly'

OK, got that? Right. Then, let's say, the show was axed but fortunately after a couple a couple of years wait:

b) They made a movie about it, which for argument's sake we'll call (for want of a better name) 'Serenity'.

OK, so, let's pretend that:

c) Unbeknownst to you, there was a special preview of this new film, two months before it was due to to be released,

Now, remember that you've been waiting for this film for ages, OK, then let's pretend that:

d) A bunch of people you know, got to go to this preview and you didn't.

How are you feeling right now? I thought so.

[Actually, all joking aside, I am happy for them. No, really I am. Mostly.]


Mindy said...

Other Andrew I think you need to kick some serious butt with those guys. How rude not to invite you.

Bodhi said...

Ooooohh, I think someome might be a little bit green with Advanced Screening Envy ... I think you are probably not feeling at all serene.

Joss Whedon is GOD by the way, but I say that as a HUGE Buffy and Angel fan rather than any knowledge of the show Firefly. Oh ok, ok, so I like cute guys in fab darker fashions who never get old and enjoy nightlife to daylight as well as a good suck [...who would have thought?].

But just with the sheer mention of Joss's involvement, The Kid and I will definately be going to see this movie. [And of course some us us would never go to see a movie without inviting vous Andrew]

Bodhi :-)
Sydney, Australia

PS. Mindy, I somehow doubt that our Andrew could "kick some serious butt" even on the very slim chance that he wanted too. I'm sure however that he could savagely kick the hell out of some shins if he needed to. [Oh, I can just tell I'm gunna pay for that one ...]

The Other Andrew said...

Mindy, how rude indeed. I'm glad they got to see it though (and thank goodness that 'it rocks', apparently). I'll line up with the rest of the punters... [sniff]

Bodhi, I'll deal with you later! Remembering:
a) I know where you live
b) I still have one unattractive 'grinning like a fool' picture taken at the Chinese Gardens
c) I have access to posting photos on The Internets

Oh, what time is it?, why it's Apology Time boys and girls!

The Other Andrew said...

Bodhi, if you are really nice to me and promise not to tell The Internets how feeble I am in future, I might even bring around the Firefly DVD box set, for the viewing of, some time.

Bodhi said...

S**T!, I mean, ummmmm ...

Andrew, sweetness, has anyone ever told you how fabulously atttractive and manly you are when insignificant blogger minions dare to scorn you? Well, you ARE.

And of course I jest my fellow readers, TOA is a veritable powerhouse of spirutual wisdom combined with powerful physical ability. Beneath that mild mannered yoda-like exterior, beats the heart of a tiger.

Ummmm ... and did I mention that I called only this afternoon and discovered that they estimate the Region 4 release date for the Sommersturm DVD is 30 October. They promised to give me a call once its in ... you wanted me to order you a copy as well, yes?

I also may have happened to order Cowboys and Angels, All Over the Guy, Camp, and Angels in America for myself at the same time. Queer cinema overload ... more camp than a boy scout jambouree. Yaaay!!

Hmmmm ... boxset Firefly DVD sounds good. Of course I will provide the drinks and nibbles.

Humbly yours,

Bodhi :-)
Sydney, Australia

The Other Andrew said...

Yoda like exterior? Is that comment supposed to be helping?...

In deep shit you are. Hmmmm, yes.

Yes, I do want a copy of 'Sommersturm'. My DVD is 'all regions', is yours?

OK, I'll be in touch about a DVD Night. I have a couple of other films you might like, and if we watch the entire Firefly box set you are talking about a serious 'all-nighter'.

mesquirt said...

Oh, fetch me a Doctor for my sides are about to split, you Boys crack me up! Thank you, I do so love a good giggle!
Andrew, thank you for dropping by at my blog and for your comment. You don't have to apologise for the difficult questions, I would have been disappointed if they were too easy(difficult to please? YES!). I really enjoyed answering them and am glad you enjoyed reading the answers. And about you giving up ballet because of being small, you could have made it, there have been some really great dancers who were smaller. Have you seen the new Star Wars films, when Yoda puts down his cane and starts somersaulting all over the place, whooping some arse? Us taller boys could never do stuff like that! I am so sorry.
You Guys enjoy the DVD night, take good care

Michael said...

While you two work things out, how about posting a picture of this Rabbit character I've been hearing so much about?

Bodhi said...

Posts a picture of the Rabbitsess you say?

Why do you wants a picture? Why? He's my Precious, my beautiful Precious. Try and steal him you do. Nasty bloggers can not have him. No! Mine, Da Bunny, the Precious, he's MINE!


Bodhi :-)
Sydney, Australia

The Other Andrew said...

Michael, if you couldn't tell, Bodhi flunked 'Grasping & Attachment 101' at Buddhist School... :-P

The Rabbit is indeed one very cute bunny. If he agrees to having a mug shot plastered on The Internets I'll post one at some point, I don't actually have a picture of him at present.

Martin, thanks for the nice comments - I'm glad we've given you some laughs. You should see it when Bodhi & I get together, mayhem ensues. Thanks for the reminder that Yoda does, indeed, kick some serious arse. Bodhi, listening?

Bodhi said...

Would you believe that its neither grasping or attachement, and that I am instead commited to the Bodhisattva ideal of altrusism and only do so because I personally happen to have his reduction of dhukka (suffering, unsatisfactoriness) and movement towards enlightnment at heart?

Damn, that sounded good. From now on thats my official line. I will get my publicist to release that in a statement to the press.

And yes, yes, I was listening. Yoda kicks butt! Of course this point was my intention all along. Geeze .... try to suck up to .... ummm .... ooops ... I mean be nice/apologize to somebody and you get it thrown back in your face.

Just as well I have so much equanimity. Being a Bodhisattva and all, you know.

Bodhi :-)
Sydney, Australia

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

oohhh Andamaroo, do you know how quickly those tix went?

really, really quickly.

the Anti-Ob bought 10, thinking he could get more the next day, but it was not to be. the only reason Spyd got to go is because Pippilicious is in London.

at the advanced screening they talked about one happening some time very soon in Canberra. I was thinking of giving Aveline some money to buy tix and making her incredibly nerdy nerdfriends go and see it, and try and get down there myself. not that I'm obsessed or anything...

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

oh and btw - the australian movie site -

best place to keep an eye out for more advanced screenings...

Bodhi said...


I spent much of today (Sunday, 7th August) with the aforementioned cuteness that is Rabbit. I dropped by your Blog with him here because he wanted to see the pictures our beloved TOA had taken at the Chinese Gardens with The Kid and myself. He was dutifully impressed with the pictures by the way Andrew :-) ...

Anyways, I wanted you all to know that he was quite chuffed that he has had his "15 minutes of fame" (famous, or infamous? hmmmmmm) here at The Other Andrew blog. And although in his best Rabbity form he heartily agreed with his cuteness tag, and was indeed somewhat quite impressed that a perfect stranger should now want to see a picture of him ... he has made it quite clear that though truly flattered he will not do so.

He wants to maintain his anonymity, and I respect that as I have no doubt as does Andrew. Anonymity both for recovery purposes, it is a major component and spiritual practise of the 12-step program (and for good reason I won't go into here), and also because as far as his sexuality goes he is only out as bi to an extremely small and select group of my friends (including Andrew) whom he trusts implicitly.

So unfortunately no Rabbit will be seen at this very public of Forums. I will however, probably continue to endlessly talk about him.

I can assure you all though that he is indeed EXTREMELY gorgeous and Hottie McHOT, and this made even more so by the fact that he is a really great guy to boot. Late 20's, Aussie, muscled, tanned, tattoed, bi surfer-dude. For those so interested just let your imaginations run wild and when you start to get really excited, you are getting close to the hotness and adorability that is Rabbit.

But rest in the knowledge you made him smile Michael.

Bodhi :-)
Sydney, Australia.

The Other Andrew said...

Bodhi, that's absolutely fine with me. I would never post a pic here of someone without asking their permission first anyway.

Michael, you'll just have to take our word for it! :-)

Bodhi said...

"Bodhi, that's absolutely fine with me. I would never post a pic here of someone without asking their permission first anyway".

I know that Andrew, as does Rabbit. I was merely explaining his reasoning for doing so in light of Michael's comment.

Bodhi :-)
Sydney, Australia

The Other Andrew said...

Yes I know that you know that I know that I...


Bodhi said...


As long as I know that you know that we know, and he knows that we both know that he knows, then I know its s'ok.

For everyone else who really was not interested in knowing that we all know that he knows, and he knows that we all know then, you know, I apologize.

Bodhi :-)
Sydney, Australia