Monday, August 29, 2005

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam...

I just went and deleted 11 SPAM comments from my last post, and it's happening more frequently, so I'm going to trial a Blogger feature to try and stop it. I just turned on the 'Word Verification' system in Blogger comments. If (when!) you go to comment Blogger will show a word on the screen that you have to type, sort of as a password.

I hope this isn't a pain in the arse, and please let me know if it is!


Bodhi said...

It does indeed seem to be somewhat of a Spam-fest here these days Andrew. Jeeze, I haven't seen so much unsolicited advertising rape and pillage my senses since, ohhh, last time I was ... conscious.


I hope there is a specially allocated place in the lower basement of the hell realms saved for these whores to consumerism. Something truly nightmarish, like being force fed a 24/7 diet of those bad infomercials, with telemarketers consistently interupting and ringing them as a constant downpour of junk mail descends upon them. And oh yeah, there a door-to-hell salesman at the front door who wants to see you ..

And as to your comment, "I hope this isn't a pain in the arse, and please let me know if it is!" .... [Giggle] ... and I thought taking your earlier "and I'm that easy" comment out of context was gunna be fun ...

Bodhi :-)
Sydney, Australia

The Other Andrew said...

Bodhi, even spammers are worthy of compassion. Remember what the Buddha said about aversion... :-)

Now, breathe through the anger, red mist receding? Good.

Hopefully the word verification thing will be a minor inconvenience at best. As to your other comment, no pain no gain right?

Bodhi said...

Yes, yes, thank you Lama Andrew for raining down some Dharma on my aversion parade. Its now a complete wash-out thank you. Thank you soooooooo much ...

OK. Maybe not completely complete.

Anyhoo ... tis but a minor inconvenience methinks too.

And ya [finger snap], sooo right.

Bodhi :-)
Sydney, Australia