Monday, August 15, 2005

Monday Morning Ramble

As I intimated in my Friday Haiku entry, my workload last week was pretty much out of control. I have a major client project due on Tuesday, so once that is out of the way, this week should quieten down considerably.

After the frenetic week I just had, I wasn't up for much other than being lazy this weekend. A goal which I pretty much acheived. The only noteworthy things to report from the weekend was a lovely afternoon spent with my ex, Mikey. We had lunch at a new little pasta place in Newtown, sitting out on the footpath discussing Mikey's latest misadventures and watching the passing parade of DIOK couples (Double Income, One Kid), inner-West tribals and urban hipsters. After lunch we went to see the movie Tarnation, which Mikey found a bit depressing but I found really interesting. Jonathan Caouette quite obviously blurs the lines between fact, fiction and 're-creation' at times, but I found the view into the chaos that mental illness brought into his family sobering and ultimately fascinating. Afterwards Mikey needed a drink, so we headed to the Newtown Hotel for a couple of late afternoon beverages, before heading our seperate ways. A pleasant way to spend an afternoon.


Michael said...

I think "Tarnation" is bold and wonderful. It sticks with me. My friend who recommended it had seen it at a film festival. Afterward, at the bar, she ran into Caouette. She said small talk was difficult, being sorely tempted to launch into all these intimate details she knew about him from the movie. She said she almost told him that he HAS to keep his boyfriend.
Can you imagine mingling with strangers after they've seen all your particulars?

Bodhi said...

I'm glad that you largely had a nice relaxing weekend and catch-up with Mikey.

Seems we both had a pleasent time catching up with ex's, and even both going the pasta. We thought of going to Newtown, but The Kid, Rabbit and moi stupidly decided to just head over to Broadway Shopping Centre instead and watch said Rabbit nonetheless seriously carbo-load pre-race. The pasta that we all had at a Westfield Bondi Junction cafe immediately post race was indeed much nicer (as was the cute Italian waiter - cover him in pasta sauce and I could eat him al dente).

Bodhi :-)
Sydney, Australia

The Other Andrew said...

Was it just me, but when I was watching Tarnation there were a few shots of Caouette (especially when he was young) where he looked a lot like... Selma Blair! Seriously.

His boyfriend David looks to be adorable. Cute, patient and loving [sigh].

The intimate details thing is a bit like running into a blogger you read all the time. Years ago there was a wonderful blog call Lucidity that I used to read daily, and I saw the author Anna standing at a bus stop one day. I wanted to go up to her and ask her about her dog, her lovely husband, how her pregnancy was going etc - but I realised that while I felt like she was a 'friend' in a way, I would just be some random guy on the street to her! I think going to a blogger meet-up would be kind of surreal in that way, don't you think?

Bodhi, glad you had a lovely time! Sunday is now officially Pasta Sunday.