Monday, August 15, 2005

Dr Who Gets Some Man-On-Man Action

I've really enjoyed watching the new Dr Who series. Saturday night saw the airing of the final episode in the first series, and sadly Christopher Ecclestone's last episode (boo!), Parting Of The Ways.

I missed the episode where the lovely Captain Jack (played by the equally lovely John Barrowman) was added to the series. Consequently I missed some of the set-up of his character, but what I did start to pick up on from the subsequent episodes is that Cap'n Jack is a notorious flirt, and... bisexual. As the BBC website coyly describes him "...he has a lot of love to give". Indeed.

So, cut to Saturday night's episode. Firstly we get a cute one liner about Jack wanting to get in on a hug The Doctor and Rose were having, with The Doctor not Rose. Then when Cap'n Jack says his goodbyes (convinced the Daleks are going to kill him) he gets into a nice long lip-lock with Rose... and then turns around and gives The Doctor a big long lingering wet one. Yup folks, old Aunty Beeb gives The Doctor some man-on-man action. Yeah baby!

The best thing, there was no mouth-wiping or weirdness, just a smile from The Doctor as if to say "Thanks very much, that was quite nice actually".


Bodhi said...

Quite some months before the new Dr Who series started on Aunty, a good friend at my Buddhist Centre had managed to somehow get some advanced copies from overseas and implored said Kid and I to give the series a go. Knowing that neither of us are fans of any of the original series, he sneakily hooked us in by telling us that the writing was quite "Joss Whedon-ish".

Hmmmm. Well, he lied. Looks like the same old crap show to me, with the only "improvement" seeming to be that the special effects budget now might actually exceed a hundred pound a series. Mind you, in the few episodes I did somehow manage to endure through, I did notice John Barrowman. Whoof! But not even his cuteness could not keep me watching I'm afraid.

As a Dr Who aside, I thought it interesting to note that in the Queer as Folk American version, the character Mikey (played by the cutie Hal Sparks) had an interest in comic books. But in the original Queer as Folk UK series, the same character, in that series called Vince (played by equal cutie Craig Kelly) was instead a Dr Who fan.

Hmmmmmm, Anyhoo ....

So Yaaayy! for man-on-man TV action, I say, that should always be applauded, but thats all you will get from me on the matter.

Bodhi :-)
Sydney, Australia

PS. I will be informing The Kid of your previous "Not so wild about Harry" post, Andrew, when I speak with her this afternoon. I suggest you lock yourself in a fury and spell proof bunker ASAP. Prepare for the unleashment of the Pottermaniac ... you have been warned!

The Other Andrew said...

Bring it on Ashley! :-) My whole point was:- good for kids, so-so for me. It's a personal thing.

I think the thing with Dr Who is, you either grow up watching it and love, or not... I really like this incarnation of The Doctor, but then I'm also a big Christopher Ecclestone fan. There is some good snappy dialogue in this series, but I would hesitate to draw any sort of Joss Whedon comparison. Whedon is Whedon, no-one else is quite like him.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

love Dr Who!

love Christopher Eccelston!

love that dopey grin when he got pashed!