Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Blogger Roulette

Does anyone other than me ever use the NEXT BLOG >> button, on the right hand side of the Blogger Bar on this page? I have no idea what criteria it uses to determine which blog is 'next', but the results can be very bizarre. I just hit it around a dozen times and ended up at:
  • About 6 blogs in a row from Chile/Argentina
  • A 'how to cut the cost of your wedding in half' pseudo-commercial blog, which was oddly anonymous
  • The blog of a homeless man
  • The blog of a fictional character from Star Wars
  • A blog which was in a language that I did not recognise at all, not even vaguely (Icelandic? Inuit? Vulcan?... actually I probably would have got the Vulcan.)

Next time you have 10 minutes to kill, and none of your usual reads seem be updating, play Blogger Roulette! Those bloggers, man, they're a weird bunch.

[Oh, and how tired am I of seeing the sidebar link defaults of "Google News", "Edit Me" and "Edit Me" on Blogger templates? Answer: very. 'Cause one "Edit Me" is never enough! Guys, you may be new at this game, but I think the Blogger template guys never really meant for you to leave their cunning hint of "Edit Me" there for all the world to enjoy... especially when your blog is like 6 months old, it's time.]


mesquirt said...

Hey Hey, TOA! Yeah, I was doing that the other day actually. Interesting. If I am one of your usual reads now, one, I am extremely flattered, and two, I'm sorry not to have written for a while. To be honest I'm boring myself at the moment and can't seem to scrape together the delusion to think that anybody else might find my drivelling and snivelling even remotely interesting. I will post soon though.
I also had a good laugh at your comments about the edit me thing before going to my blog and realising, much to my horror, that I still had one up. So I changed it, all as an hommage to you! Check it out!! Hope you're well and having a great day. I'm fortunate enough to have a long lunch break and am at home(I only live ten minutes' walk from work), but now have the unfortunate dilemma of whether to drag my sorry arse back to work or throw it off the balcony. Ho-hum.
Take care, Marty
P.S. Please don't pity or worry about me, it's just the first day of the week for me after a seven day working week last week and one day off, and I'm not good with 'Mondays' at the best of times! See ya

Bodhi said...

Reduced to playing Blogging Roulette, getting a little bored at work are we? Is this the cyber equalivant of counting tiles on the roof, hitting "next blog" for an endless passing parade of weirdness in the persuit of time suckage?

Makes me contemplate upon what's weirder - those looking to create or those looking to visit? Hmmmmmmm, as Yoda might say "let us ponder this, we will". Now thats the sort of deep and meaningful philosophical questioning that could keep me up at night. I might have to meditate upon that one.

Bodhi :-)
Sydney, Australia

PS - Throws a G'day out to Party Marty, his BrisVegas Bro :-)

Bodhi said...

... hhmmmm, and if you DO create a weird Blog on the net, is it TRULY weird if no one ever visits?

Ooooohhhh, its like a Blog Koan.

Bodhi :-)

The Other Andrew said...

Hey Marty, you know I actually didn't notice you had an 'Edit Me' still there! :-) Oops. Glad to see I galvanised you into action!

As to Blogger Roulette, there are some very strange blogs out there... [shudder]

I think you probably do yourself a disservice, thinking that your 'drivelling and snivelling' (as you put it) is uninteresting. I have started reading your blog and it is very interesting. My goodness, I would think that the life of a straight male ballet dancer would provide endless material... :-) It's something that is so far removed, in terms of experience, from most people's every day lives and mundane jobs.

When I started blogging, and then when I discovered people were actually starting to read this, I was a little surprised. None of us think our own lives are that interesting, let's face it. (Egoists aside) I figure though, I like reading about other people's lives... so why shouldn't mine be interesting to at least a few people?

Hey, if you do feel like throwing your arse off the balcony, well you can always stop first to blog about it! :-) Hope the rest of your day is improved.

mesquirt said...

Thanks Andrew, the rest of my day was improved actually, I'm happy to report. And you do have a very good point, often just a bit of something else can be interesting to us as what we do, and the life we lead is, well, everyday to us. So yes, I will get back at the blogging soon, when I get a bit of time to myself. I have promised our good friend Bodhi a 100 things about me so will have to get my thinking cap on!
Also, if I had a laptop, I could throw my arse(and the rest of myself, of course)off the balcony and write about it on the way down. Extreme blogging!!
And Bods, LOL on the Koan, it's like the sound of one hand clapping thing. Sort of. What is the sound of one person crapping on when no one gives a shit?!
And you inspired me on the edit me thing. Bite me is just a start, there a whole load of real obvious ones to go with, then we can get a bit creative from there. Maybe I'll just add a new one of those every time I don't have the time or inspiration to write a whole post.
Take good care Andrew, and a big blog shout out to my Buddy Bodhi ;D

Bodhi said...

"What is the sound of one person crapping on when no one gives a shit?!" - Zen Master Marty

Ohh ... my .... Brad - I love that Marty! A Koan classic if ever I saw one. I soooooo gotta use it. Can I?, Can I?, huh? huh? HUH?

Wheres a Rabbit when you need him? I gotta use that koan line on him, its priceless! He's rather good at Rabbiting on you see, and I have had years of practise of ignoring him. Not that I would ever be crap-on-tap myself you understand .... and you would never ignore moi, right? ... right? .....

[Is it just me, or is the silence deafening in here?]

Bodhi :-)
Sydney, Australia

The Other Andrew said...

Trust me Marty, when I first started blogging, your koan was very appropriate.

I started this blog for my own enjoyment, but then after a while the complete lack of any noticeable sign of readership was a little disheartening. Then I did get a couple of comments after a while, and when I put a hit counter on in January it proved to me that I was getting some people stopping by. I have never kept a diary, and I don't really treat this blog as a 'diary' as such, but one of the happy side-effects of this blog is being able to go back and be reminded of things I have done and seen.

I kind of like the idea of extreme blogging, just make sure you have a bungy cord attached...

Lone Ranger said...

That's how I got here. And that's how I'm leaving.

The Other Andrew said...

Bye then!

Love to Tonto.

PS. The mask is absolutely to die! No, it's really working for you, seriously. So, disciplinarian.