Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Doctor, Doctor, Gimme The News!

Just got back from seeing the doctor and getting the test results for the huge collection of tests I had done after my freakish blood pressure result. 90% good news! Blood pressure still high, cholesterol at the top end of normal and triglycerides (some sort of blood fat - ewww!) was waaaay high. All other results were normal, and he tested things I didn't even know could be tested.

Surprisingly, no mention of my Sanguinity...

I have three months to lose some weight before I get it all re-tested and book a check-up visit to the cardiologist. I lost 16kg about 4 years ago, and then put about half that back on after my car accident induced immobility a couple of years back. So I know I can do it. I just celebrated the good news with a fatty carbo-load of pasta, for tomorrow we diet!

From here on in, if I start posting endless diet entries, someone please shoot me. You have my permission.


Michael said...

I'm glad things aren't as bad as you'd feared. Sounds like all these things are manageable. Change yourself and change the world, yo.

Oh also, regarding the diet babble:

::cocking sound::

mesquirt said...

That's really good to hear. I know making up early involuntarily must be a drag but sometimes I wish that something would make me get up early. Every morning is such a struggle to drag myself out of bed!!
We get to Parramatta on Thursday the 15th and leave on the 21st, then are in Wollongong from the 3rd to 9th of October. I know neither is really being "in town', but it's near enough. We have Sunday the 18th free and I think the plan is to hook up with our Buddy Bodhi and do some shopping. How do you fancy it? I should have read Divided Kingdom by then. It's all I can do to resist reading it now!
Anyway, must dash, but will drop by again soon. Take care, and happy dieting!

mesquirt said...

P.S. The word verification thing is really no trouble at all, you're worth it!

Bodhi said...

Yes, Sunday the 18th is it Marty.

We not only intend to go shopping Andrew, there might also be cafe's, swanning around the inner city looking fab checking out points of interest, gossiping talking and joking, and maybe even a swing by The Dale to check out the Bodhi's abode.

Mark it in your diary now, Andrew. They think they know culture, but just wait to "we people" (as Rabbit so charmingly calls us, errr, more heterosexually challanged folk) show them how we do a day in Australia's premier city.

A culure of mindless consumerism mixed with dashings of ever shallow gay abandon. Faaaaaaabulous!

Bodhi :-)
Sydney, Australia

The Other Andrew said...

Michael and Marty, thanks for the kind words. Honestly, you boys are so sweet you're gonna give me a cavity!

I have indeed pencilled in the 18th, and am looking forward to it! Bodhi, your excitement is infectious. Marty, when you do read Divided Kingdom, let me know what you think.