Thursday, August 11, 2005

Interesting Events Of The Past 24 Hours

  • Last night I slept like a baby.
  • Let me just check I have this right. It is babies that wake up every couple of hours feeling cranky and demanding, isn't it? I wasn't wet or squealing to be fed (those days are a few decades off yet) but I sure as hell was cranky.
  • I made an appointment to see a Naturopath about my sleep issues. I'd rather try a gentle approach to solving it first, but am keeping the option of industrial grade drugs in reserve.
  • The departure of one of the senior staff members at my work has meant that changes are afoot. Myself and another staff member just scored ourselves a wonderful pat on the back, some scope to tailor make our job roles and yet more $$s. Sweet!
  • My work load has also just exploded. Not some nice little lady-like champagne cork pop of an explosion, but a regular Big Bang. Right now I have more work than I know what to do with.
  • I just made one of my bosses' day by showing her how to take the LEFT and CONCATENATE functions in Excel to convert a table of hundreds of client names and convert them into valid email addresses based on the format the client uses. There was squealing and jumping around in delight.


Bodhi said...

- Glad to hear that you finally got a good nights sleep Andrew. So what was it, I wonder, that should suddenly make this happen? Was it a simple case of counting our barnyard friends ... or could it indeed have been said pleasent dreams of a certain incense vendor?
- More $$ for the TOA, SWEEEET indeed! Congrats!! Must be nice to know that all your hard work is obviously appreciated by your workplace.
- And of course all that extra moolah will enable you to further revel at the temple of the dollar deity, enabling you the opportunity and scope to engage in those extra little pleasures in life - like further contributions for the TOA Travel Fund, for example.
- And, now this may come as somewhat of a shock (... are you sitting down? ... maybe its a good idea ...): its not all about YOU, either. Such economic excess can also be used to bring benefit to others through the spiritual practise of generosity. One might, for example, decide to use said funds to buy an extravagant gift for, say, a dear friend who happens to have, ohh, I don't know, say, an upcoming 40th birthday.
- I stand by my firm belief stated earlier that the only answer to a heavy workload is a cute TOA PA. Never underestimate the many, MANY benefits of a cute PA, I say ...
- CONCATENATE, what a weird word. Have to tell that one to the Rabbit ... it will make a pleasent change from his constant use of the word "parabola".

Bodhi :-)
Sydney, Australia

Michael said...

Bodhi said: "Glad to hear that you finally got a good nights sleep Andrew."

This reminds me of the line I stole from "Will and Grace". I save it for when a friend pours his heart out to me and then I respond with, "I'm thinking of getting veneers."

The Other Andrew said...

Dear sweet Bodhi, I'm either obtuse (possibly) or you are merely skimming the surface of life (also possibly). I said I slept like a baby, and babies wake up all through the night, cranky... see. Sort of dramatic irony or something. let me be clear on this, I SLEPT REALLY, REALLY BADLY! :-)

Yeah the more bucks thing is well, bizarre, sort of. I just got a promotion and big raise like 4 weeks ago... and now again with the money! It helps my plans to go to Nepal in 2006. The nice thing is , as you said, feeling appreciated.

Sheesh, again with the shameless birthday plugs...

'Concatenate' is a cool word, and can you believe I blogged about an Excel function? I've entered a whole new level.

The Other Andrew said...

Michael, that has to be a Jack quote, right? I'm a big fan of the non-sequiter myself. I saw this hilarious female American comedian once (name escapes me at the moment), who did a whole routine about the way her mother would drop non-sequiters. Like be talking about queuing at the post office and then go straight into talking about her sisters problem with vaginal dryness.

Of course, the self-absorbed non-sequiter is comedy gold!

Bodhi said...


It may well have been a case a skimming, if not wallowing a little in the shallow end [no comments, bitches] of the literary pool.

In my defence it WAS written at 7.35am on a Friday morning. This kind of thing would never happen if I had my own cute PA to point these minor oversights for me *sigh*

Bodhi :-)
Sydney, Australia

PS. It's my birthday soon? Really? Well, what a coincidence ...
PSS. My favourite Jack quote goes along the lines of "men and women together, that just wrong! If God had wanted men and women to be together he would have given them both penises".

Michael said...

Yes, Andy, that's vintage Jack.

On the sleep tip, are you working out? Have you tried anything natural or OTC, TOA?

The Other Andrew said...

I'm not currently working out... which I appreciate is possibly part of the issue. (and as evidenced when I went to buy new jeans - mental picture... "muffin top")

I am going to see a Naturopath (herbalist) next Tuesday, and they look at diet, lifestyle etc. First time ever. It should be interesting to see what they say about whether I have any deficiencies, especially in light of switching to be a vege-ma-tarian. I have some allergies I know about (dairy, peanuts, dust mites etc), but there may be others or something. [shrug]

In the past when I have had bad insomnia, usually during the heat of summer, I've used mild drugs - but I'm not a big fan of taking medication unless I really have to.